It was a beutiful day and Fluttershy's friends had aked her if she had a brother, she answered, "Of course I do, and he will be arriving soon".So all of the girls waited for fluttershys brother, and while they were waiting, fluttershy told them a little about her brother,Fluttershy:Now remeber girls, my brother is very shy and especially since he has one wing bigger than the other so please don't make fun of him" she said, Twilight said, Of course not fluttershy, after all, we are all friends here.😊But sooner the girls started imagining about how fluttershys brother would look like, they imagined him as a nerd with glasses and funny looking, then all of a sudden, fluttershys brother comes running towards her and said, "Sorry iwas late fluttershy!,I was saving a puppy from a shark!".Then he turned around and realized that the girls were there, Then he got all shy and said,"Oh, Hehe😅Hi, I didnt see you girls there😅"And the girls looked at him in dreamy eyes and sighed and thought that he was very cute. The End☺