Hello! This is a very general and informal guide written for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic app. I will be focusing on both reaching level 52 (where all items are unlocked), and completing the main story. In each level group, I will be giving a few points on leveling up quickly, as well as progressing through the story. The guide will probably have a few mistakes. If so, just ask me to correct it in the comments below.


The game starts off with a short scene equivalent to the one shown on the 'Mare on the Moon' episode. The prologue ends with Twilight Sparkle being given the task to restore light back to Ponyville.

Levels 1 to 5

  • After the prologue, you will be taken through a series of simple tasks. By the end of the introduction, you should have ended at either level 3 or 4.
  • The last two levels can be completed by finishing a few of the easy objectives. These should take you to level 5 and above.

Levels 6 to 10

  • Here, completing objective sets will be your main source of experience.
  • The previous objectives should have also given you a few shops, as well as a few new residents.
  • Do not expand again. If you should need to add more buildings and decorations, remove garbage (rocks etc.), or reorganise your town.
  • It is important to save up your gems. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to complete the story.
  • It is more effective to assign ponies to different shops than having more than one pony per shop.

Levels 11 to 20

  • At this stage, allow one expansion to fit in more buildings.
  • Focus on shops that give bits quickly. It is useful to keep a stash of at least 15,000 bits.
  • Completing objective sets here will still be of importance. Gems should only be used in cases where the tasks should prove to be very difficult to do quickly (e.g. open five treasure chests).

Levels 21 to 30

  • The most important shops here produce large amounts of bits at a time. Make sure you keep harvesting the quick bit producing shops too.
  • Aside of leveling up, you should organise your town, and make it as dense as possible. Only expand if there is no possible way of fitting in another building.
  • At this point, you should stop removing garbage, unless you want to build over the plot. Keeping garbage occupies spaces where parasprites can spawn. This way, you can lessen your loss of shards.
  • Objectives will be less important in this level group. Still, complete a few tasks from time to time in order to keep a steady income of bits and experience.
  • You should now attempt to purchase every low priced pony and shop, while avoiding using gems.
  • Playing the game daily is necessary to earn gems free, as well as a reasonable sum of bits, and a not so reasonable amount of experience.

Levels 31 to 40

  • The stash minimum has now been raised to 30,000 bits!
  • By now, objectives at the bottom of your list to quickly earn experience. The amount of bits and experience given for even difficult tasks will almost have no impact on your stats.
  • If parasprites do appear, try not to remove them if possible. You should notice you have a very low amount of magic shards. Newly spawning parasprites will just waste even more.
  • The bookstore will randomly give either one or none magic shards per harvest.

Levels 41 to 45

  • The trick to advance quickly through this set is to have as many shops as possible, with ponies working in each of them.
  • Experience can be earnt quicker with shops that produce low levels of bits and experience, assuming you harvest them often.
  • Contradicting the lower level sets, remove garbage to earn extra experience. Still don't remove parasprites.

Levels 46 to 52+

  • You will be spending a lot of bits quickly to level up. It is almost necessary to have the hospital to complete the game, so purchase it as soon as. You should set each harvest at 16 hours 40 minutes with only one pony working.
  • Large amount of bits will have to be spent to earn enough experience to progress at a steady rate. I will lower the minimum to 10,000 bits.
  • Following the tactics in the level set 41 to 45 should help you to advance quickly.

Completing the game

  • At levels above 40, you should start expanding outwards to uncover the hidden statues of each element.
  • I would suggest activating each element as soon as possible to avoid parasprites depriving your collection.
  • The last statue you will activate will probably be the Element of Magic. The game will charge you an outragous sum of gems to get bonus balloon pops. Do not use your gems for this purpose.
  • The bookstore and hospital will be your main source of magic shards. Balloon pop will also give out a fair amount of shards every so often. The hospital will give out one, two, or no shards per harvest. Assuming you play very often (at least daily), it should take approximately 30 to 50 in-game days to harvest enough to power up the element.
  • There is no point in celebrating after amassing the necessary amount of magic shards. After activating the statue. You will be told you also need the 'souls' of the elements :P.
  • Most of the main characters will sell at a 'reasonable' *groan* price. However, you will probably have guessed that there are exceptions to the rule. Both Rarity and Rainbow Dash cost 90 gems each.
  • In addition, you also have to complete every quest. This will (obviously) take quite some time, and you will have to spend a large pile of gems to do this. If you (like I) want to avoid paying cash to Hasbro for some virtual currency, I suggest you to time travel:
    • Open the "Settings" option in the home screen of your iDevice.
    • Select the "General" option from the left sidebar.
    • Now tap on the "Date & Time" option.
    • Under that, again tap on the "Set Date & Time" option.
    • Now just set or change the time to be displayed on your iDevice (I would suggest one day ahead each time).

The Ending

  • If you happened to have managed to actually complete the game, congratulations!
  • If you want to know of the ending that appears, click here *warning: spoilers*