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    Okay, I guess we can start off asking is Equestria Girls really true? Now, if you don't know what Equestria Girls is, it's basically a movie for the MLP Friendship is Magic show. Twilight Sparkle loses her crown, after she turns into an alicorn on the last episode of the third season, she searches to find it but get's some other luck. She ends getting herself into a portal/mirror or whatever and finds herself in another demension. She discovers that she is in the real human world, and guess what?!?!?! She turns into a human and ends up going to school. Twilight finds her friends: Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, AppleJack, Rarity, and Spike. Pinkie Pie tells Twilight Sparkle how she should run to be a princess/queen for the school dan…

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