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    This blog is where I decided to have a voting poll to take place at. A voting poll that asks what characters from the 2017 MLP Movie you want to see make future appearances. Click yes, no, or maybe to vote for what characters you do or do not want to see make future appearances. It wouldn't hurt for you all to comment as well.

    Characters Yes No Maybe
    Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist 16
    Grubber 11 3 4
    The Storm King 3 14 3
    Capper 18
    Captain Celaeno & Her Crew 15
    Princess Skystar 17
    Queen Novo 16
    Songbird Serenade 9 5 3
    Verko 3 11 4
    Storm Creatures 3 11 5

    Forgive me if I messed up something concerning the grid, but, this is my first time making a voting poll.

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    Did you guys know...?

    January 1, 2018 by Austin012599

    In Disney’s The Lion Guard, a tv show midquel to The Lion King 2, the writers of the show found a way to bring the main antagonist of Lion King 1, Scar, back to the screen despite the fact that he died. How they did it was by having a group of the show’s antagonists, hyenas and a cobra, bring Scar to their aid by summoning his spirit to a volcano full of lava and fire, using a stick that they stole from Rafiki’s apprentice.

    Perhaps Hasbro can do a similar thing with the Storm King someday, you know, by having him come back as a spirit.

    It would be a great way to develop the character more. After all, there have been other villains who die but then come back as ghosts, a remarkable example being Captain Salazar in Pirates of the Caribbean: De…

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    This is something I’m just now hoping for the movie:

    I’m hoping that when it comes on DVD, Hasbro can make an extended version of the story by adding an extra scene or two. Perhaps even more than two.

    I mean, it never really showed us when the Storm King came to Canterlot and how he got there. The first and second time I saw it, I realized that he just appeared out of nowhere when Tempest came back with Twilight.

    It also never showed what happened to Grubber and the Storm Creatures when the tornado came. Grubber and the army kind of just disappeared with no explanation at all.

    If anyone is in favor of the same thing or not, vote yes, no, or maybe, and leave a comment below that states your reasons.

    Yes No Maybe
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    A Sad Day😔

    December 26, 2017 by Austin012599

    I had found out a few minutes ago, that my father-in-law, who is the father of my brother-in-law, who is married to my eldest sister, had passed on at the age of 55 earlier today after years of battling cancer.

    I never got to see him often, but every Sunday, I would see him and his wife attending the same church my family and I go to. He was a really loving and funny person to be around, and he and my brother-in-law were so much alike in personality and physical appearance. I’m going to miss him very much.

    But as sad as I am that he’s gone, I’m also happy. He no longer has to fight cancer nor does he have to suffer through so much pain and misery. The best part is that he’s in Heaven, standing in the presence of Jesus where he can no longer …

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    1. Kevin Michael Richardson.

    He has this really deep voice that is very distinctive, and if you don’t believe me, see for yourself by watching Lilo and Stitch, where he plays captain Gantu, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), where he plays the Shredder, and Samurai Jack, where his voice is notably heard from the Guardian. His voice makes him perfect for the part of a dragon character. To boot, he can even change his voice to fit any character he plays, like he did with Demongo in Samurai Jack.

    2. Danny Devito.

    I know he already did the MLP Movie that came in 1986, but, I think he would be a brilliant person to have on FiM. As a matter of fact, ever since I found out about that, the idea of him being a guest star clicked in my head. The come…

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