Discord is one of my favorite characters on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (although it is hard to find a favorite when you love nearly every character in the show). He's funny, wacky, chaotic, and, next to Pinkie Pie, the opportunities with him are limitless.

I can't help but have questions about him, though.

How did he come to be who he is?

Where did he come from?

Who could he have been before becoming the Spirit of Chaos?

How did he takeover Equestria?

When did he takeover Equestria?

How long was he ruler?

How long was he imprisoned in stone before meeting the Elements of Harmony?

When was he imprisoned in stone by the Royal Sisters?

These are questions that, if the writers found them, I definitely hope they can answer them, whether through an episode, a book, or a comic book.

A large reason is that there are things in his history that I don't think have been revealed yet. Things that leave people wondering: How? Who? When? Where? Why?