My 5th blog post on the MLP wikia.

I thought that I'd make this blog to ask some questions to you guys. Something I've been curious about even before coming here.

When I research MLP, I've often noticed that Twitter seems to play a large part for everything about it: The writers; the voice cast; even the audiences who watch the show.

I myself have never used Twitter nor did I attempt to. My family and I agree that Twitter is just not for us. We're more into Facebook than anything else.

But, I wanted to ask:

Is anyone familiar with Twitter?

What do you know about it?

Is Twitter good or bad?

Have you ever tried to ask questions to the people you want to ask, like Meghan McCarthy or Tara Strong?

Most importantly, is anyone a member of Twitter

Please answer these questions so that I may know. Lend out as much as you know, it doesn't matter if you know too little or too much, or if it's yes or no.

I'll take any answer you give about these questions.