1. In the early stages, it was at one point confirmed that Joe Ballarini was writing the script for the movie. Nowadays, it has often been said that Meghan McCarthy was writing the script. Although in many places, it still says that Ballarini is writing the script.

So, who's writing the script? Joe Ballarini or Meghan McCarthy?

2. At one point in 2016, actors Max Martini and Patton Oswald were listed as members of the movie's voice cast. Of course, now it doesn't say anything about that, but the info still rings in my head!

Are Max Martini and Patton Oswalt members of the voice cast or not?

3. Recently, it now also says on MovieWeb that Michael Vogel is not only co-executive producing the movie, but also co-writing the story.

So, is Michael Vogel co-writing the story with Meghan McCarthy and Rita Hsiao?