Hello, my real name is Anderson Gutierrez, my user name is Aventador star and my pony version (which I cannot upload my image here) is called Star Racer, why this name? Because he's the only pony who drives cars in Equestria, and this, is the story of him:

How everthing started

Star Racer lived before in Dodge Junction with his mother Andrea, he is a yellow unicorn, with black mane, fire-colored tail and he used a stetson hat and a watch, he and his mother were some low-life ponies, they gained money with the deliveries Star Racer made with his Sprinter Trueno AE86 (One of my favorite cars), the car is modified and he is a talented drifting racer, he gains cars with the races he won at Dodge Touge, the mountain route of Dodge Junction,
Twilight never fear S2E3

"Time for some magic training!"

later he decided to change cities when he grew up, now having 18-years-old, he changed himself to Ponyville, since he liked that place very much, and he was acostumated with everything, even when Pinkie Pie made a welcome party with him, before the party, she brought him to meet her friends (the mane 6), Star Racer secretly developed a crush in 3 of the mares: Twilight, Applejack and Fluttershy, when Twilight saw that he was a unicorn, she asked him if he knew a thing or two about magic, he said that he's still practing a little, and that's when Twilight asked him if she could teach him everything that she learned about magic AND the magic of friendship, he got a little excited and his horn flashed, Pinkie saw that he had a cutie-mark that resembles a sterring-wheel on flames, he explained that he was a talented drifting driver in Dodge Junction, when Applejack heard that, she remembered what happened a day on the same city, the medal confusion (Reference to The Last Roundup Season 1, episode 14).

Loving adventures and the rest

Star Racer managed to bring his Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex to Ponyville and show his skills on drifting, he nearly ended up crashing into some walls, but the drifts were perfect, he met everypony, Lyra, Bon Bon, Neon Lights, Derpy Hooves (She crashed into him), and he even met Twilight's parents, who had moved to Ponyville and shared a separated home of the Golden Oak Library, he even met Button Mash! He said that he was, like Button, an addicted to video-games, Butto
Applejack blushing S2E14

"Uh... Ah don't know if we need some driver to... Well... hehe! Maybe you could deliver the apples to Ponyville Ah think... hehe!"

n just didn't liked that he was staring at Sora... His mom... When he went to visit Applejack, she nearly fainted by his cow-pony language, because her family it's the ONLY FAMILY in Ponyville that uses this language, he asked if he could work on the barn as well, on which Applejack blushed, because the only guy who delivers apples in her family was Big Mac, this should be a less work for him huh? She accepted his offer still blushing for a while until he kissed her cheecks to cool her down, he heard a loud "YEE-HAAH!!!" coming from Applejack, and he discovered he's not the only one that is with a crush.

He kept living in Ponyville for some months, living some misadventures of friendship AND love, he even managed to get Twilight and Applejack on his herd of marefriends! He hopes to continue how he is, and have a happy life.

About Star Racer

Star Racer is my OC which falls in love with ALL of the mane 6 and some other mares, like Button's mom, he is not seen in any of my stories, but I'll put him into my stories on, and I'm a newbie to this website, so please, any help and critique is very welcome, just don't scracth up too much...

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