Promotional Too Many Pinkie Pies preview

This isn't the G3 face she made, but eh, it's canon.

I'm assuming most people seen the new episode "Too Many Pinkie Pies".

If not, here's the rundown: Pinkie Pie wants to have fun with all her friends, but they're doing different stuff in different places. To have fun with all her friends, she clones herself, and her clones clone themself, etc. Now there are Pinkies everywhere, creating havoc wherever they go. There is a way to send the Pinkie Pies back, but there is the chance the real Pinkie will get sent back.

Here's some references I found:

-Rainbow Dash is reading a Daring Doo book

-Pinkie Pie clone changes her face to a G3 pony. Really creepy.

-Pinkie Pie says that "the fun will be doubled". Your cue, Luna

So, why not tell me what you thought about the episode?