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    Fluttershy became more bold as of Seasom 5 and she stopped learning the same lesson over again, why do people still accuse her of that. The last time she learned the same lessson of “don’t be too shy”. Was “Filli Vanilli”/Four years ago. Give me an episode after Season 5 that has Fluttershy learning the same lesson. You can’t.

    For example in Flutter Brytter, she never learned to not be a push over to Zephyr Breeze, she was a boss from the start.

    Guys, please stop making blind criticism, it was an issue 4 years ago, now Fluttershy is a boss who stands up for her self.

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  • Awosome2000000

    This is a parody and a joke.

    Music Notes, Scooter Wheels, ad cutie mark crusaders' quest map, these were the ingredients chosen to creat the perfect little filly. But Luaren Faust added an extra ingredient, PowerPuff Girls refrence. Thus the cmc were born, using thier quest map, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Blossom lived thier live to finding thier and other ponies' cutie marks.

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  • Awosome2000000

    I have noticed some pattren in Both Flutter Brutter and Spice Up Your Life, they both had a song, and both Songs had two mane 6 ponies singing in it, so it will not be a surprise(pun intended(press the link)) if the left mane 6 members ,i.e Twilight and Applejack, have a song they sing together.

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    This is also a wishlist by the way, also it is WISHES not HOPES so I don't predict this to happen, I just want this to happen.

    I just love songs of My Little Pony, I am wishing for an episode to be all songs like See Me Feel Gnome from Powerpuff Girls, but with better singing voices, and better lyrics.

    The Mane 6 get evil, or corupted and Starlight has to save equestria from them.

    Flurry Heart is really cute, but it would be cool to see her as a villan, after she learned how to talk,Imean we skiped months from  her debut, and who knows maybe alicorn babies talk fast.

    Filli Vanilli gives us a little to no information about The Pony Tones, we know about Rarity and Big Mac, but not about the others. What happend to Fluttershy withher baby steps?


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  • Awosome2000000

    What is the best and theworst song of the following:

    Twilight Sparkle

    my answer:

    best: What More Is Out There?

    worst: Life in Equestria


    my answer:

    best: Art of the Dress

    worst: Becoming Popular

    Pinkie Pie

    Best: Pinkie's Lament

    Worst: Evil Enchantress


    best: Music in Treetrops

    worst: Hush Now Lullaby


    best: The Perfect Stallion

    worst: Cutie Mark Crusaders Song

    Countess Coloratora

    best: The Magic Inside

    worst: The Spectacle

    The main group

    best: Make this Castle a Home

    worst: The Crystal Fair song

    Apple family

    best: Sisterhood

    worst: Raise this Barn

    Starlight Glimmer

    best: Say Goodbye to The Holiday

    worst: In Our Town


    best: My Past isn't Today

    worst: Perfect Day For Fun

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