There are many type of people you live with or interact frequntly with.Saberspark from youtbe really helped me in the blog.

Brony types

There are 3 types of bronies

1. The brony character

This means that the brony would tell everybody about mlp, and making mlp identify him, this is who he is, he should defend mlp, but actually its not, don't let mlp Identfy you as a character.

2. The closet brony

This means that the brony watches this show in secrecy, and even lie about it.

3.The cool brony

This brony doesn't lie about his opinon but doesn't let it indentfy him as a character. If he is asked, he answers

yeah I watch this show, who cares. I advice you to follow this category.

Problem of being a cool brony

There is one problems you have to face and solve:Humilation: if you don't manage this quickly it will start identifying you as a character. Some parents will fear that, but remind every body that this no big deal and you should feel silly for talking about it, who cares that I like mlp. Parents will apperciate that you stand up for yourself, but you culd also manage this by ignoring everybody, soon they will realize that it is not annoying you. But whatever happens don't fight over mlp.