This is also a wishlist by the way, also it is WISHES not HOPES so I don't predict this to happen, I just want this to happen.

More Music

I just love songs of My Little Pony, I am wishing for an episode to be all songs like See Me Feel Gnome from Powerpuff Girls, but with better singing voices, and better lyrics.

Starlight Glimmer Two Parter

The Mane 6 get evil, or corupted and Starlight has to save equestria from them.

Flurry Heart Evil

Flurry Heart is really cute, but it would be cool to see her as a villan, after she learned how to talk,Imean we skiped months from  her debut, and who knows maybe alicorn babies talk fast.

The Pony Tones

Filli Vanilli gives us a little to no information about The Pony Tones, we know about Rarity and Big Mac, but not about the others. What happend to Fluttershy withher baby steps?

More Rarity Songs

Call me wierd, but I wih for more Rarity Episodes, or atlest more than one Rarity song per season, I really love her singing voice.

More Secondary Characters

Many side characters don't get their own episodes, like Cheerilee or Thunderlane.

Pets Episode

We don'/t often get to see any of them. I wish for a wiona episode, he is the most pet not seen alot.

Crossover with Mario Bros.

I know its unlikely, very unlikely, but again I wish not hope. It would be cool right? I would feel horrible if that happend and Daisy didn't make it.

Video Games

I hate the mobile game, it so expensive. I would like a video game either about adventure, or party games. 

Dash family

We have seen every family except fot Ranbow's. I know we saw her father, but still not enough.

Spike Rarity episodes

No, I don't like the ship, becuse Rarity doesn't love Spike, but Spike does, I just love their episodes, it would be cool, if r\Rarity rejected and Spike fell in love with another person(wether pony or not)

Princess Luna and Celistia backstory

I want to see how thier past was like, in a flashback.

Zebra episode

Where do the zebras come from.

Saddle Arabia

We know nothing about them, it would be cool to see that country. It is a play on Saudi Arabi a by the way.

Let Me Know

  • What do you wish foe mlp
  • What do you think about my wishes