Hi! I'm a pegasister and I am new to this wiki!

I have been collecting MLPs for years, so I know alot of history about the toys and the characters. I think I have alot to offer as far as backround history goes. :) I have always loved MLP.

Yes, I'm a girl! My boyfriend recently became a Brony, and I have alot of respect for the FiM fandom.

Any questions for me? Feel free to ask!

Here is a little about me:

Yes, my user name is an internet pun, but a true one. If you happen to know what FFAs and BHM are, then you'll get the first part. Yes, I am also an FFA. :) (NOT A FUTURE FARMER OF AMERICA!!!) XD

I love nintendo 64. LOVE IT.

I am also into Harvest Moon games.

I am not a furry. No offence, but furries seriously gross and creep me out.

I am an insanely good artist, hate to brag, but I am :)

I love any 80s film.

That is all!!! TTFN! :D