Chapter 1: Nothing Written?

"Dear Princess Celestia..." When Twilight finishes her lesson of friendship, Spike was just ready to take the letter. "Ready, Spike?" said Twilight Sparkle. "I sure am!" exclaimed Spike, as he gets prepared, when he accidentally slips and crashed! A ink case fell on Spike and he drunk it..every single drop. As he inhales, he had a funny feeling. A unusual feeling. No pain, just a funny feeling. Exhaled came his fire! The letter is being token to Princess Celestia. "Spike? What kind of ink did you drunk?" said Twilight, curiously. "I don't know." said Spike, as he gotten the hiccups. "Oh, Spike." chuckled Twilight.

In Canterlot, Princess Celestia sits quietly in the fireplace, waiting patiently. Then, all of a sudden, Poof!! Princess Celestia opens it, suddenly, she gasp in horror! The letter was blank. The next day, there was a knock. "Knock, knock." It was Princess Celestia! "Twilight Sparkle? I need to talk to you." Twilight stammers with confusion. Thousands of questions in her head. "Why is the Princess here?", "Did I done something wrong?", and so on. "What's wrong, Princess?" asked Twilight, feeling nervous. "You gave me a letter, right?" asked Princess Celestia. "Yes." "Well, it's blank." "What?! But I wrote something!" "But, there's nothing written." "Nothing Written?"

Chapter 2: The Truth

"Spike! What kind of ink you drunk?"asked Twilight. "I told you already! I don't know! It was...purple with a dark blue water icon..." said Spike. "What? That means one thing...." "Invisible Ink!" said Spike and Twilight. "I know who can do this..." mumbled Twilight.

"Rainbow Dash!!!!" screamed Twilight, which startled Rainbow Dash. "What now?" said Rainbow Dash, irritated. "Did you put that invisible ink on my shelf?" asked Twilight. "No." answered Rainbow. "if you didn't then who did?" "Yeah, I did!" said a voice. "Who said that?" asked Rainbow Dash. "Yeah, I did!" said the voice, again. It was Derpy Hooves! "You?! Why?" exclamed Twilight. "I dunno!" said Derpy Hooves. "Derpy Hooves!!" roared Grayson Hooves. "Uh oh." whispered Derpy. "I told you 5,419,328 times! Stay away from Twilight's ink! I'm sorry Twilight. Derpy likes to have fun. Now lets go home!" "Bye, guys!" mumbled Derpy.

The End for Unknown Letter

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