This blog is based on the true masterpiece created by Benjamin M. Owellington, BMO, with philosophy and understanding. 

DISCLAIMER, lemons that are offended should not protest at the Potato Convention(PotaCon) tomorrow. If you do so, you will be fined 250 bits. However, discount is acceptable if you have the Saddle Arabia Oil Corporation member card. Thank you very much. c;

    Lemons...Oval, yellow, sour. And given by life generously everyday. Gifts always brings joy to people's faces. However, lemons leaves a sour look on people's faces after given by life and expects the reciever to make lemonade. Some people ask, why Lemonade? Why not, Lemon sauce, lemon cake? Or anything that doesn't make sense? This question remains unresolved. 

    Apart from lemons, mythical creatures like talking, intelligent ponies, are wonderful things to be given to humans. But, life is fair to both of these creatures, but may not seem fair. Life, gives lemons to humans instead of ponies, because you can't make lemonade with ponies. and Life does not give ponies to humans, because Ponies are sweet. But defeated by sourness of the lemon. 

    If you taste a chinese food, Sweet and Sour chicken or whatever, you only might taste the sourness and little of the sweetness. It is more like rock, paper and scissors. Ponies, are not possible to be given to humans because of Oval, yellow, bucking lemons.

   And the question, for now, remains unresolved; Why, Oval Yellow Things?