A few weeks ago, I met a girl who was a Pegasister. Which she recognized me as a brony because I drew RD's cutie mark on my hand. Honestly, at first, I really liked her. She told me her problems, life as a girl without friends. I understand her feelings. She almost cried everytime. But at some point, she annoyed me and destroyed my life. At that point, I only considered her as a friend, not close.

 I met her because I was the conductor for a Choral Speaking competition, and she joined our team. After the memorable competition, I met another girl that I sat next to, who was cute and best kind that suits me the most. And after a few days, we were in a happy relationship, and I introduced her to the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Fandom. And I cannot tell wether she likes it or not. But she says that they're cute. But I'm guessing she likes it.

Then, we created a group for the guys who joined the choral speaking competition. It was a fun group and all. And that girl who annoyed me simply posted and shared some MLP pics there. Which irritated me. Honestly, I don't like myself, and the people in Malaysia to be bronies, I am in fact a Malaysian. Being a Malaysian caused me to feel left out of the Fandom because there weren't any stores selling MLP comics, and If I bought any MLP toys, it would be weird to the community. Which I fear, would make me despise being a brony. Anyway, those pics had comments about her explaining about MLP, which irritated me. So I decided to comment stuff about this and that, which made them recognize me as a brony. Then, the word spread like diarrhea, me a brony. And that, I fear that if I don't have friends, and the community of my country thinks it's weird to like a kid's show, would make me hate being a brony and leave the fandom.

FANMADE Feeling left out of the fandom

Exactly how I feel right now. Too busy to know the news. Makes me stressed

Being a student who has a lot to do, having a girlfriend and a closet brony is hard work to focus on these My Little Pony stuff. Everynight I stayed up, crying, talking to myself "I gotta keep myself up to date." I only had three hours of sleep everyday. I know so little about Equestria Girls, my country doesn't show that here. It's weird, I honestly hate being in my own country and hope to study somewhere in America to meet bronies in the future.. So, I gotta study hard, love the bronies, love my girlfriend and keep up to date to My Little Pony all the time. 

  Today, 15th June of 2013, Equestria Girls went out at the Los Angeles Film Festival. But, all I did that day was just playing minecraft and chat with my Girlfriend. I didn't know any news of it until 3:00 in the morning. I wish I could be with all the Bronies there to support me, but the wikia chat is enough for them to care about me.

Thanks for reading...