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  • I live in linetown
  • I was born on July 30
  • I am male / férfi
  • Ballwa44

    It's been one year!

    November 4, 2015 by Ballwa44

    Hi everybody and I'm ballwa44 here! It has been one year today that I started contributing on this wiki and I still can't believe it. Could you believe it? Could you believe that I started contributing one year ago? I can't, time passes sooo fast and I just don't even know how I got this far and how am I still relatively active allthough now not as much as I used to be. Anyways, thank you for everyone who have helped me and just everything, really thanks everybody! Love you all!

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  • Ballwa44

    I'll draw ANYTHING!

    July 7, 2015 by Ballwa44

    Hey everypony! It's Balázs here and do you remember my drawing blog? It used to be kinda popular-esque, and it felt good. I want to bring it back If you've been following International pages, you probably noticed that I'm very active. So you may ask: Why don't you continue with that blog?!... My reason is... I didn't have that much time. Now I do, even though I just started making Hungarian mlp.wikia, I am active at International pages and I even have a life with friends and family () I think I'll be able to draw anything to you. How will this work? In the comment section of this blog, you can request anypony, anypose, any fanart, and I'll draw it - with hand, since I do not own a tablet. If you want something that is a picture that you …

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  • Ballwa44

    Hey everybody! I'm Ballwa44 (a.k.a Balázs) here and I want to make a little voting blog.

    As you probably know, Serbians have got 2 versions of dub: Minimax and Mini/Mini Ultra versions for Season 1 and Season 2, excluding some undubbed episodes of Mini/Mini Ultra. I want to make a series of blogs, based on the two different dubs. Basically it will go will like this: Each round I'll choose 5 songs, to ask you: which is the better one? You can give your votes in the comment section, by writing down the name of the song and next to it, the version you picked. I'll give them together after 13 days and then put the results out in the next round. I'll note them, and when we are done with ALL the songs, I'll make a voting on which songs are the be…

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  • Ballwa44

    Serbian episode links

    April 25, 2015 by Ballwa44

    This blog got deleted by user.

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  • Ballwa44

    Hey everypony! I'm Balázs! I'm a 12 years old brony and I make some drawings. I want to upload most of them, hope you enjoy them. If you have any requests, and ponies I should draw, let me now somewhere :)

    Drawing Name of pony(s) Requester
    Shiny Pichu MrLazarV, Seaswirl10
    Apple Family: Big Mac,Applejack, Apple Bloom,Granny Smith -nobody-
    Starshine Seaswirl10
    TallTitan70 TallTitan70
    Fluttershy -nobody-
    Rarity -nobody-
    Pinkie Pie -nobody-
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