Hey everypony! I'm Balázs! I'm a 12 years old brony and I make some drawings. I want to upload most of them, hope you enjoy them. If you have any requests, and ponies I should draw, let me now somewhere :)


Drawing Name of pony(s) Requester
FANMADE Shiny Pichu
Shiny Pichu MrLazarV, Seaswirl10
FANMADE ballwa44 Apple Family
Apple Family: Big Mac,Applejack, Apple Bloom,Granny Smith -nobody-
FANMADE Starshine drawing
Starshine Seaswirl10
TallTitan70 TallTitan70
FANMADE FluttershyDraw
Fluttershy -nobody-
FANMADE RarityDraw
Rarity -nobody-
FANMADE Pinkie PieDraw
Pinkie Pie -nobody-
FANMADE Rainbow Dash by Ballwa44
Rainbow Dash -nobody-