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    Shadow Play (Season 7 Finale)

    September 21, 2017 by BenRG

    Yeah, I'm getting good vibes from this story that I haven't really had for a finale since Season 4.

    I think that the six Legends of Magic (Star Swirl, Mistmane, Somnabula, Rockhoof, Flash Magnus and Meadowbrook) sacrificed themselves to trap the Pony of Shadows in Limbo. Possibly, it is attracted to powerful ponies and tries to leech off their power to sustain itself. When Twilight frees them, she inadvertently also frees the Pony of Shadows.

    This is why Shadow Lock was trying to erase the six Legends from history. If no-one knew of them, no-one could attempt to free them and, therefore, the PoS would remain trapped forever.

    I'm still hoping that Shadow Lock is in the two-parter. However, given that Star Swirt, Rockhoof, Mistmane, et al are g…

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  • BenRG

    I've already made a blog post about what I'd like to see in Season 7 but it's looking very much like that won't happen (no great surprise; my idea was pretty much a fanfiction anyway).


    Warning, this post may contain actual spoilers for season 7 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!


    What we do know about Season 7 already?

    • From the IDW "Friendship is Magic" comics series (which have been written based on a season synposis and several episode scripts) that a mysterious pony called Shadowlock is erasing history books from libraries all over Equestria for some reason. Twilight defines them as 'the most important' books of history.
    • We also know from more general marketing information is that the history of Equestria and of the …

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  • BenRG

    Everyone has their wish-list for Season 7 (whether or not they've trusted it to the public record), so why should I be any different. I don't have a detailed list of episodes that I want but there are some broad concepts that I'd like to see followed up. I just thought I'd share them with you all.

    By far, my favourite season was season 4, with the Keys of Harmony ongoing arc that linked the season together from beginning to end. With a total of two two-parters plus six episodes (remembering that Castle Mane-ia at least had a significant reference to the Mysterious Chest, even though it wasn't a Key episode) it was the most ambitious running plot that the show has ever attempted and, I hope, could be used as a framing device for a future att…

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  • BenRG

    Okay, being a bit of a Tolkein geek, the fact that it seems the season 6 finale will be called 'To Where and Back Again' (a reference to the book about the events of The Hobbit that Bilbo was writing in The Lord of the Rings) has sparked my imagination. I have to say that I will squeal like a kid if the season 7 premiere is titled something like The Princess of the Rings.

    My head will explode if it starts something like this:

    Black screen without any music or sound effeects

    Celestia (v/o)

    ((I ar namtar))

    The world has changed.

    ((Han noston ned gwilith))

    I smell it in the air.

    ((Han mathon ne chae))

    I feel it in the earth.

    ((Han elea ta e' i' naur))

    I see it in the fire.

    ((Han lama ta e' i' alu))

    I taste it in the water.

    Much that once was is now lost and none …

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  • BenRG

    This blog is inspired by the title of the upcoming season 6 episode Buckball Season. I'm hoping that Buckball is not just a ponification of a human game. I'd like to have something at least semi-unique to Equestria for us to enjoy rather than just see a group of quadrupeds playing a game meant for bipeds.

    Buckball is a deceptively simple yet horribly complex game with centuries of precedent, tradition and often-obscure rules that have built up during the time of Princess Celestia's rule. In its simplest form, it is two teams of eleven ponies, five Attackers, four Defenders and two ponies (usually pegasi) that are referred to as Interceptors.

    Basically, the objective of the game is to kick (or buck) the ball into a basket-like net at the top of a…

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