I know it won't happen like this. Copyright issues, if nothing else, make it impossible but Steven Lisberger's Animalympics was such a powerful influence on my childhood that I'd love to see it give a ponification for this episode.


Cold Opening

Beauty shot of Canterlot Castle; dissolve to Celestia and Luna surrounded by unicorns in priestly rainments watching as a Griffon holds out a long golden torch.

Begin Music - The Animalympic Anthem

Vox Pop (v/o) (Male announcer)

In all creatures great and small, there exists the spirit of athletic competition!

Celestia smiles and casts a spell that causes a flash of golden light to arc over to the torch, which then ignites.

Vox Pop (v/o)

From the hights of Mount Hippocampus, the Sacred Eternal Flame begins its journey across the four corners of the world!

The Griffon starts to jog away.

Cut to overhead shot of the road down the side of Mt Hippocampus as the Griffon jogs down with cheering Ponies to either side.

Dissolve to a Crystal Pony trotting through the tundra, the torch held in her mouth

Vox Pop (v/o)

Bringing with it drama, joy and sorrow!

Dissolve to the Appleoosian Desert; the Crystal Pony is hopping from hoof to hoof, clearly not enjoying the hot sand she's having to trot over. She passes the torch to a Buffalo, who trots off, leaving her frantically blowing on her faintly-glowing hooves to try to cool them off.

Vox Pop (v/o)

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!

Several dissolves as the Buffalo continues to carry the torch through the wilderness. The final shot has him, now very tired; he slows almost to a halt before realiging the the torch is going out! He frantically blows on the flame to revive it and starts trotting forwards again.

Shot follows him as he runs past a sand-dune and into the surf of the ocean.

Vox Pop (v/o)

"Faster, Further, Higher and Stronger" - the motto of the Equestrian Games and of the competing City-States participating in them.

As the Buffalo runs deeper into the water, he pushes the torch up higher and higher so it stays above the surface as he disappears below the waves. Suddenly, the torch is pushed up aloft on the muzzle of a Seapony. She is clearly enjoying herself, jumping from wave to wave and even doing an improvised back-stroke, always whilst keeping the torch balanced on her muzzle.

Begin Fade

Vox Pop (v/o)

Now, live from the Crystal Empire! The Equestrian Games! Brought to you by WPNY, the network that is furlongs ahead in sports!

Begin Theme


Cut to:

Breaking Scoop (the anchorpony) looking out of a panoramic window at the Grand Stadium

Breaking Scoop

Now we take you to the Grand Stadium where a grazing room only crowd awaits the opening of the Games and where the Parade of Nations his underway!

Begin Music: The Animalympic Anthem (Reprise)

Cut to:

Staduim interior with groups of various ponies, griffons, buffalo, diamond dogs in their uniforms marching around the track. In front of the Ponyville team, the Cutie-Mark Crusaders are stacked up in an inverted pyramid on Scootaloo's scooter, waving the Ponyville banner for all they're worth.


Ponyville forever! YAY!

Breaking Scoop (v/o)

And the Empress and her royal guests have arrived to witness the beginning of the games!

Cut to: Cadence walks out onto the viewing platform of her box with Celestia to her left and Luna to her right with Twilight Sparkle  closer to her right and Shining Armour closer to her left.

Breaking Scoop (v/o)

And we understand that the last but one torch-bearer is approaching the stadium!

Cut to: the approach to the Stadium. A Crystal Pony stallion is trotting past crowds of cheering Crystal Ponies towards the stadium. He turns into a path lined with statues of various ponies in heroic sporting poses

Breaking Scoop (v/o)

Now he's sweeping past statues of former Equestrian Games champions in the Corridor of Legends!

Cut to: the Stallion's POV as he runs down the darkened entrance tunnel. Ahead the interior of the stadium can be seen growing larger and brighter until he runs out onto the track. The Stadium rises up on each side like a huge amphitheatre with tens of  thosands of cheering ponies and other species.

Dissolve to: following the Stallion around the track and then towards a very nervous looking Spike who is at the foot of a huge processional staircase.

Breaking Scoop (v/o)

The waiting is now almost over for all these athletes! For some, the following weeks will represent the realisation of a golden dream. For others, it will be the pits of despair!

The Stallion hands the torch over to Spike, who carries it up the stairs until he stands next to the Flame Cauldron, the torch held aloft in his claws.

Breaking Scoop (v/o)

Now Prince Shining Armour is to make a brief opening statement!

Cut to: Shining Armour, standing in front of a loud-hailer.

Shining Armour

May the odds ever be in your favour!

Cut to: Spike flares his new wings and, as the music reaches a crecendo, leans over to touch the torch to the cauldon that explodes into white-gold flame as if cut from the Sun itself.

Begin end credits