Okay, this is going to be done in script format. I'm probably massively wide of the mark but this is really what I want. The similarities to the trailer for the movie TomorrowLand are deliberate but cosmetic.

Live Action Interior of a brightly-lit concrete room

There are three rows of benches bolted to the floor and stern prison guards standing around, glaring at a small collection of scruffy, hopeless-looking teenagers sitting on the benches.


Megan Williams?

Megan is a thin, mournful-looking mid-teens girl with bright blue eyes and waist-length honey blonde hair in a messy ponytail. Her face is somewhat haggard and un made-up; she has five earrings in each ear, stretching up and over the top. She is wearing very worn denim jeans and a denim jacket over a dirty orange tee-shirt. She looks up.

New Shot - A waist-height counter runs across the room topped with a thick armoured glass partition extending up to ceiling level. There is an opening in the glass partition with a dour guard standing, looking out. Behind him we can see many racks of shelves.

Megan slowly and hopelessly walks up to the counter. The Guard shoves forwrads a collection of items.


Check to see if this is everything.

Megan begins to sort through a depressingly small collection of items, most of it old and worn, and begins to stuff it into a battered denim backpack with a Hello Kitty tag on the zip. It includes: a few comic books, a beat-up MLP-G1 lunchbox and thermos flask, a few sketchbooks/notebooks and a beat-up fabric pencil/pen case. Megan picks up a simple denim coin purse and counts out a few dollars in coins.


Sign here, Miss Williams

The Guard gestures at a prison discharge inventory form




Try to avoid getting into trouble again, will ya?



The Guard pauses. Megan gestures at a strange object on the counter; it looks like a golden locket but it has a heart-shaped red gem in the centre of a shape cast into its front shaped like a knight's shield.


This isn't mine; I'm not gonna be framed for stealing some rich dame's jewellery!

The Guard looks at the inventory list


It's on your list.


I'm telling you that this isn't mine!

The Guard shrugs


Whatever. If you don't want it, throw it in the trash; I don't care!

Megan makes an annoyed huffing sound and reaches out to touch the locket. As she does so...


Brief Animated Ext, A grassy field

The grass is rendered in blazingly bright shades of green under the bright sun in an impossibly blue sky... Megan's hand is suddenly a Flash animated asset...!


Back to Live action - Megan gasps and jerks back, her hand snapping back as if she were burnt. The locket loudly clatters to the floor beneath the counter.


Kid! Are you okay?


What was that?


What was what?


Didn't you see that? I was in a field out in the countryside! Everything was so bright...! I... i think I was... I was a cartoon?

The Guard sighs


Look, kid, if you want to flashback to your last acid trip, do it somewhere else. I've got things to do and you have been released, so we want you out of here!

Megan steps back, looking shaken and even a little panicked.

New Shot - Looking up from the floor as Megan looks down at the locket and drops down on one knee uncertainly. Hesitantly, she reaches out again as she touches the locket...


Animated Ext - A field in Equestria;

Sound F/X: Megan's breathing; fast, panicked. We watch from Megan's POV as she looks up from where her animated hand is touching the magically twinkling locket. In the distance is a mountain range with Canterlot Castle perched on the side of the tallest peak.

Twilight Sparkle (v/o)



Back to Live action, looking up from the floor - Megan jerks her hand back with a little fearful 'peep' noise.

The girl tilts her head, smiling uncertainly. She's obviously still fearful but there is a dawning look of wonder in her eyes.


You alright kid? Kid? Kid, can you hear me? Do you want us to call an ambulance?

Megan ignores the Guard. She touches her fingers to her lips; she is clearly trying to resist a desire to start laughing hysterically.

Begin music - a slow piano-and-choral version of Friendship Through the Ages.

Twilight Sparkle (v/o)

It doesn't have to be this way.

Cut To:Animated  Ext - Ponyville from over the River Bridge;

Birds fly past on a typically sunny day; the Castle of Friendship shines in the background.

Twilight Sparkle (v/o)

There is a land where everything is different.

Cut to: Ext - Sweet Apple Acres

Applejack, Big Mac and Apple Bloom are apple-bucking and laughing together

Applejack (v/o)

There is a land where families are true and hard work is rewarded.

Cut to: Int - Carousel Boutique

Rarity is working on a set of dresses, several patterns held in her magical grasp.

Rarity (v/o)

There is a place where beauty comes from the heart and art is always celebrated!

Cut to: Ext - Fluttershy's Cottage

Fluttershy is feeding and frolicking with her animal friends.

Fluttershy (v/o)

A place of love, compassion and Harmony!

Cut to: Int - Sugarcube Corner

Pinkie Pie is juggling a half-dozen cupcakes whilst the Pie Twins look on, laughing in delight.

Pinkie Pie (v/o)

A place of fun, laughter and joy! Woo-hoo!

Cut to: Ext - The skies of Equestria

Rainbow Dash flies into shot with a determined grin and lances off into the distance, creating a Sonic Rainboom as she does so.

Rainbow Dash (v/o)

A place of the most awesome adventure!

Cut to: Int - Castle of Friendship; Twilight's Laboratory

Twilight Sparkle is pouring over some calculations; in the background we can see the Mirror of Worlds, deactivated.

Twilight Sparkle (v/o)

A place where anything is possible, if you're willing to work for it!

Cut to: Ext - A street in Ponyville

Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle are looking sceptically up at someone

Twilight Sparkle (v/o)

Oh, it won't be easy


Yeah? Well you're a talkin' monkey! Those aren't supposed to be possible either but you don't see me complainin' about it!



Cut to: Ext - A stormy day with a dark, cloudy sky streaked with red

Chrysalis stands, sneering at the camera, surrounded by scores of Changelings, some flying, some pawing the ground menacingly.

Twilight Sparkle (v/o)

There are very real threats and dangers.


So, you're the young Princess's new pet? Interesting...!

Cut to: Ext - A street in Ponyville

The Mane Six doing a group hug

Twilight Sparkle (v/o)

However, all can be overcome, if you learn a very special power...

Cut to: Ext - Sweet Apple Acres, near the Everfree Forest

Big Mac bucks a Timber Wolf into splinters with one blow

Twilight Sparkle (v/o)

A power that lets you overcome anything!

Cut to: Ext - A street in Canterlot

Trixie vanishes with a flourish and a puff of smoke to cheers from her audience.

Twilight Sparkle (v/o)

A power that even lets you transcend the limits that you have placed on yourself!

Cut to: Ext - The viewing balcony on the Crystal Palace

Shining Armour and Princess Cadence are looking out at the Crystal Empire, their heads leaning together

Twilight Sparkle (v/o)

A power above all else. A power from within. The power of Harmony...

Cut to: Int - The Cutie Map Chamber under the lights of the Memory Tree

The Mane Six are on their thrones talking and laughing

Twilight Sparkle (v/o)

The Magic of Friendship. All it takes is for you to take the first step.

Cut to: Live Action Int - The Prison Release Room

Still looking up from the floor to Megan, who now looks awestruck.

Twilight Sparkle (v/o)

However, you must take the first step alone.

Megan's brows crease with a frown that slowly starts to change to a broad smile that makes her seem much younger and far happier than we've seen so far.


Kid! Kid! What's wrong with her?

Guard 2

Is it some kind of fit? The paramedics are coming...

Megan ignores all the commotion and reaches forward, her expression determined.

Cut to: Int - The floor of the release room

As the music reaches its final crescendo, Megan's hand reaching out to touch the locket. As she does so, the scene flows to animated outward from the point where her fingers make contact with the locket, leaving behind the locket sitting in the green grass of an animated field.

Megan's animated hand grasps the locket and pulls back out of the POV.

From Megan's POV, we watch her stand up. She looks up towards Canterlot and then slowly scans the horizon. Cloudsdale, an epic Greco-Roman construction of cloud and ice, passes through the field of view. Finally, Megan's eyes rest on Ponyville and the Castle of Friendship, shining in the background on the other side of the bridge over the river.

Twilight Sparkle (v/o)

Oh! Hello! I haven't seen you around here before!

Cut to: Ext - Field near Ponyville

Megan, rendered in Equestria Girls style, is beaming in happiness as she turns around, her hair sweeping dramatically around her.

The Mane Six are standing in a group much like the group photo in the opening titles of the show.

Cut to: Titles as  the last line of the song echoes away


My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic

Fade in Title:

The Magic of Friendship


Fade in Title:

Coming to theatres Summer 2017

Fade in Title: