Going a bit meta here but this needs to be said.

Have you noticed that we're starting to get a rash of comments on the articles for new episodes and films as well as on the main 'Episodes' page saying: "Ten days to go!" "Nine days to go!" and the like? Yes, I'm talking about countdowns. Now, I thought about doing this nicely but, really, it has to be said as firmly as possible:



Seriously, I can't take it anymore! It's driving me mad! It isn't even necessary! We can all see the air date in the Infobox and, hopefully, we all know what date it is and we can all therefore, hopefully, calculate how long we have to wait! Posts like this are a kind of forum abuse, mostly perpetrated either by those who are trying to get their 'activity on sequential days' achievemnts or people who just like seeing their screen name!


Thank you for your patience.