Okay, being a bit of a Tolkein geek, the fact that it seems the season 6 finale will be called 'To Where and Back Again' (a reference to the book about the events of The Hobbit that Bilbo was writing in The Lord of the Rings) has sparked my imagination. I have to say that I will squeal like a kid if the season 7 premiere is titled something like The Princess of the Rings.

My head will explode if it starts something like this:

Black screen without any music or sound effeects

Celestia (v/o)

((I ar namtar))

The world has changed.

((Han noston ned gwilith))

I smell it in the air.

((Han mathon ne chae))

I feel it in the earth.

((Han elea ta e' i' naur))

I see it in the fire.

((Han lama ta e' i' alu))

I taste it in the water.

Much that once was is now lost and none remain who remember it

[Begin a slow, orchestral verson of the main titles music]

INT: Underground forge

Close-up of a golden ring being forged

Celestia (v/o)

It all began with the forging of the Rings of Power. Seventeen there were.

EXT: Night-time forest

Celestia, Luna and Lauren Faust's Ponysona with elaborate silver rings around their horns

Celestia (v/o)

Three were given to the Tribe of the Alicorns: Fairest and wisest of all beings

A wind blows out of nowhere, ruffling Celestia's mane and making her visibly gasp in wonder.

INT: Gryffinstone Castle throne-room

Five Gryffon Lords salute each other, iron rings on their left middle talons

Celestia (v/o)

Five were given to the Gryffons; master warriors and the lords of the great aeries.

INT: A darkened hall

Three of each of the three tribes of Ponykind, dressed like the leaders in Hearth's Warming Eve, each wearing a platinum torc about their necks.

Celestia (v/o)

And nine... Nine were gifted to the Mortal Ponies, who above all else, seek Harmony. For bound in each ring was the power and wisdom needed to rule their race.

But they were all of them deceived...

Map of Equestria, rolling downwards into the Badlands

Celestia (v/o)

For in the Dark Lands of the South, in the Fires of the Mountain of Doom, the Dark Queen Tyranna did in secret forge an eighteenth Master Ring with which to control all the others. And into it, she poured all of her power, all of her malice and all of her will to dominate all life...

INT: A volcanic cavern:

Standing on a pillar of rock in a sea of fire, a golden armoured Umbrrum Unicorn Pony raises her head, a golden ring around her blood-red horn

Shot zooms on the ring as fiery lettering appears around its circumference

Celestia (v/o)

One Ring to Rule Them All...!

[Begin opening titles]