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In the wake of the near-perfect success of last year's leak of the Season 5 episode list on 4Chan, once again, an anonymous poster has leaked what he/she claims is the current episode listing for Season 6 of My Little Pony.

Be warned! This list is unconfirmed and could be nothing but a prank/troll! However, I'm sure that you'll agree that it has some intreguing possibilities.

Episode List

601 & 602 - The Cutie Castle

Okay, this is interesting because it implies that the new location in Ponyville, according to the Gameloft game, will be debuted next year with possibly only a cameo this year. It is supposedly a home for the ponies who were once ruled over by Starlight Glimmer.

603 - Starlight Express

This is one of the titles that makes me 'hmm' and doubt this leak. With the exception of Discord, no MLP villain has returned, either for revenge or for redemption. With the redemption or defeat seemingly likely for the season 5 finale, it seems unlikely that Starlight Glimmer will appear more in the show. Of course, I might be reading too much into the title and 'Starlight' may refer to something else.

604 - Cutie Marks the Spot

This implies that 603/604 may be a two-parter. Maybe Starlight takes Twilight and her friends to where she found the staff that could remove cutie marks? Alternately, does the Cutie Map lead our heroes to some ancient treasure/quest clue?

605 - Rainbow Rescued

There are no obvious clues what this could be about beyond the obvious.

606 - Most Excellent Princess

I've got a horrible feeling that this could be some kind of 'wacky comedy' episode where Twilight tries to get 'into' popular culture for some reason.

Alternately, this could be Princess Skyla's introduction to the show

607 - Runway Success

'Runway' is a fashion term as well as an aviation term. Is Rarity going to be the toast of Manehattan or Canterlot's fashionable elite (again)? Or will Fluttershy grab hold of her courage with both forehooves and return to modelling for some good cause?

608 - Apple Family Recepie

Possibly an ApplePie vehicle with AJ and Pinkie going on a quest to help Granny find an ancient pie recepie.

609 - Fall for the Cutie

CMC romance episode? Sweetie Belle x Button Mash to become canon?

610 - Flutterspy

This one just sells itself. The idea of 'Solid Snake Fluttershy' makes me giggle just thinking about it. However, what if she is a spy more in the James Bond mold? Refined, elegant, civilised and utterly ruthless?

611 - Out of This World

Once again, there are no obvious clues in this title. The birth of the Equestrian Space Program? Luna takes Twilight to visit her old holiday palace on the Moon?

612 - Royal Guard

Possible Flash Sentry or Shining Armour focus episode

613 - Wonderbolts Premiere

Obviously Rainbow Dash's first full gig with the team

614 - Everfree Caverns

Something associated with the Tree of Harmony. An adventure/quest episode, obviously.

615 - Lesson Hero

I dunno... The Crusaders first post-Cutie Mark crusade to help somepony learn their true talent?

616 - Fear and Clothing in Las Pegasus

Possible Discord/Rarity team-up episode; likely to be full of Gonzo meta-jokes intended entirely for the parents and grandparents of the target audience.

617 - Holder's Bolder

This is plausible - A Pie Family follow-up episode; maybe Mac visits Marble and we learn more from the Pies about the history of their farm and its relationship with the 'not a dragon's egg'.

618 - Scoot Over

Obvious Scootaloo focus episode

619 - Starswirl Society

Twilight goes to another StarswirlCon and it turns out to be the cover for a cult?

620 - Uncle Spike

Spike & Skyla adventure? Basically a Spike-centric retread of Baby Cakes?

621 - Darling Little Angel

Seriously? An Angel-centric pet adventure? I liked the one with Owlicious, Tank, Opal and Angel in season 3 but I'm not sure if this could work!

622 - Jokes on You

Maybe a Pinkie-centric episode? Or maybe even Discord bites off more than he can chew and is on the receiving end of some pranks himself?

623 - Cakewalk

A probable Baby Cakes vehicle with a growing Pumpkin and Pound having their first individual focus episode?

624 - Big Trouble in Little Equestria

I don't even want to guess; possibly a Daring Do adventure, co-starring her two biggest and bestest ever fans, Rainbow Dash and Princess Twilight Sparkle?

625 & 626 - The Element of Courage

This is the big one; the discovery of the Seventh Element of Harmony to defeat an unexpected foe. Who is its bearer? The alleged Season Six teaser poster tells us. It is Sunset Shimmer!

My View of the List

There are a lot of plausible titles in this list. Some of these story ideas I would genuinely like to see explored myself. However, I'm not entirely sure about this; it doesn't quite have the same plausible feel as the season 5 leaks. The implication of Starlight Glimmer possibly having an redemption arc at the beginning of the season and the lack of an obvious follow-up with the Cutie Mark Crusaders' revealed destiny troubles me.

There are several possible 'meta-arc quest' episodes in the title list that may actually work with the Starlight Glimmer redemption arc, if either she sends the Mane Six after the relics or, using her input, they are able to seek them out using the Cutie Map. If there is a meta-arc focussed around the relics and a Seventh Element, then this changes the complexion of the season somewhat and raises the finale to possibly a massive world-changer for Friendship is Magic and possibly also Equestria Girls.

The biggest problem is the likely inclusion/write-in of Sunset Shimmer in the finale. It seems too like a plot for an well-above-average fan-fiction. If it weren't for the strong implication that she's moving back to Equestria (or, and this would blow my mind, a ponified human!Sunset Shimmer is going to join the Mane Six as the Seventh Element-bearer), I would give this list more 4/5 for plausibility. As it stands, because of the fanon-elevated-to-canon finale, it gets 3.5/5 in my book.

What do you guys think?