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  • I live in Derpcuresti, Derpmania
  • I was born on May 11
  • My occupation is Derp
  • I am Derp
  • Benas-545

    Okay, so i was just watching My Little Pony and noticed something. It was a weird, familiar sound that i think i heard from somewhere. I decided to remove the vocals and let only the instrumental, it seemed to be the Elektra Fungi sawtooth wave!

    Around the 0:14 mark in the instrumental-only version, you can hear a sawtooth-square-whatever wave that actually seems to be the wave used in the Elektra Fungi song "Grip" pitched down by two semitones. I knew how lower the pitch was because i messed up the Elektra Fungi wave in Audacity.

    You can hear the same sound around the 0:57 mark in the "Grip" song. So the recycled sounds we know are:

    - Elektra Fungi sawtooth wave (pitched down by two semitones)

    -probably more?

    But again, it seems like the drums…

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