• Bettypetrikov

    Well I have to say that I am very suprised at the reputation that Celestia has been getting. People are making her seem like she is boring and/or an awful pony to be around.

    And while innocent Celestia gets all this bad rep and is being attacked by people who make fun of her for every mistake, it would be logical that Luna would get the same rep, Right? WORNG!

    Luna is covered in kisses and cute (and innacurate) potrayals. I get it. Alot of ponies are liked even though they barley ever have lines (I am of course referring to backround characters like Derpy or Lyra) but why give all of this hate to a character like Celestia when Luna is by far worse? 

    I can't figure this puzzle out but I am first giving some reasons to like Celestia and then wh…

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