Well I have to say that I am very suprised at the reputation that Celestia has been getting. People are making her seem like she is boring and/or an awful pony to be around.

And while innocent Celestia gets all this bad rep and is being attacked by people who make fun of her for every mistake, it would be logical that Luna would get the same rep, Right? WORNG!

Luna is covered in kisses and cute (and innacurate) potrayals. I get it. Alot of ponies are liked even though they barley ever have lines (I am of course referring to backround characters like Derpy or Lyra) but why give all of this hate to a character like Celestia when Luna is by far worse? 

I can't figure this puzzle out but I am first giving some reasons to like Celestia and then why Luna is no better then Celestia:

Celestia and her Greatness

1: She is more powerful. I know this is not a big factor but I would like to clear up that she is more powerful.She has actually demonstrated her powers and has risen the moon and sun for 100 years.

2: Celestia can have fun. Unlike alot of royal characters on other shows, she isn't a stiff board and knows what humor is, considering she is over 1000 years old it's pretty immpressive that she knows modern humor.

3: Celestia has strong morals. I'm sure at one point or another that Celestia has had thoughts about getting rid of her co-ruler. I'm sure everytime that someone gets into power that they are corrupted or get uber paranoid about people maybe trying to overthrow them, But not Celestia. She rules a basic utopia with the occasional magic disaster that is quickly eradicated (not always by her but come on. If there were people who were much more powwerful then you willing to do it why add more stress to your job?).

4: Celestia makes mistakes. I don't like how the fans react to it though. I really don't see people dwelling on Rainbow Dash's mistakes.So here is a question: Why Celestia? Is it because people are threatened by how cool she is or do they just like to pick on the leader? Anyway here is why I think Luna is a little less great.

Some Luna faults

1: The way Luna handles people not liking her as much. She could have told Celestia how she felt. I know alot of people who supress their emothions to the point that they are almost always angry. Why didn't she ask Celestia to maybe sort an agreement out. Even more odd is the way she refused to take the moon down. She could have easily not brought up the moon. You can't imprison someone for being selfish. The crops would burn and the Water would dry if left long enough.Also all the other ponies would die of freezing temperatures if the moon stood still. She could have thought that out a little better in my opinion.

2: How little screen time she has. I guess I can't blame her for it but I can't see myself liking a character who has had a major in it 3 episodes (including the first 2)? Anyway I don't see her as a memeroble princess until we see her a bit more.

3: She didn't appear in "A Canterlot Wedding"'s actual wedding. Now you could say " But wait! Maybe Celestia didn't invite her." I must say that it would be out of character for Celestia to not invite her sister. She has shown no spite twords her and since we know almost nothing about Lunas personality, it can be safe to say that she either overs;ept and missed that part or she just didn't want to see it. I'm going with the first one because I enjoy being optimistic.

4: Luna missed everything in A Canterlot Wedding. I get she sleeps but really? who sleeps through an invasion ( a loud one a that). Oh well, it's probably more to her character that wwe don't know about.

Now I have given my reasons and whether you agree or not is your choice. I still don't get why but I think it is safe to say that they like her because she has a "tragic" past. She had no tragic past. She was locked away because of her ignorant decisions. Then after she got out the moon, she instead of asking for forgivness she decided to re-try her once failed plan ( which, by suprise failed again).

I still don't know why Celestia gets such a bad rant still. I guess it just goes to show that once you get to the top they want you to fall.