I have been on this wiki ever since February 17, and I have seen quite a few people who love The Dazzlings. I also love them. Even though my account is called Big Hero 6 lover, I still love Mlp. Anyway, I seen people who have their account picture with the Dazzlings on it. The Dazzlings are a AWESOME band at Canterlot High. But when I first saw Rainbow Rocks, I saw them wearing jackets and had their hoods on, and they were perfectly not seen at all.Am I only the one who noticed it? And, when the dazzlings hypnotized the whole school,how did nobody realize that they were sirens from Equestria? When they were fighting with the Rainbooms, how didn't nobody at the concert notice that The Dazzlings had red glowing eyes, and had wings, and summoned their sirens. My point is The Dazzlings are my most favorite villian for Mlp. I hope you guys like this blog post. This was my very first one. And bye!!!