• BillyTheMinion

    Hey, everypony! It is I, User:BillyTheMinion! Right now I just remembered, we're getting a FOURTH Equestria Girls movie, alongside an actual MLP Movie confirmed to be released in November 3, 2017.  But I'm here to discuss the EQG 4 movie, as we have not much information about it yet. I'll divide the discussion into different parts for it to be easier to comprehend.

    We currently have no idea what the actual name of the movie will be, so far it's still Equestria Girls 4. But there are many possibilities, including Legends of Everfree (even if it does sound weird). I have many ideas for it, and one of them is Equestrias Collide. Because Twilight met Twilight in the end of Friendship Games and Celestia said trouble could happen if you meet your …

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