My Little Pony - Equestria Girls 4 Discussion

Hey, everypony! It is I, User:BillyTheMinion! Right now I just remembered, we're getting a FOURTH Equestria Girls movie, alongside an actual MLP Movie confirmed to be released in November 3, 2017.  But I'm here to discuss the EQG 4 movie, as we have not much information about it yet. I'll divide the discussion into different parts for it to be easier to comprehend.

Movie Name

We currently have no idea what the actual name of the movie will be, so far it's still Equestria Girls 4. But there are many possibilities, including Legends of Everfree (even if it does sound weird). I have many ideas for it, and one of them is Equestrias Collide. Because Twilight met Twilight in the end of Friendship Games and Celestia said trouble could happen if you meet your counterpart in a different dimension, there is a high chance that the 4th movie will involve the 2 world colliding. That's why I like the name Equestrias Collide, as it has that awesome name that excites you. I also have different names, such as The Mirror Malfunction, Worlds Collision, Equestrian Heroes, or Canterlot High Ponies. 


The plot for the 4th movie has a very high chance involving both worlds. What I think will happen is that the events will resume with Princess Twilight in the human world, seeing Sci-Twi. Both of them seeing each other causes a strain as now there's a dimensional unbalance with 2 Twilights in 1 dimension, but it remains stable. However, after Twilights both stay in the same dimension more than 1 hour and touch each other, the dimensions begin to go chaotic and slowly collide. First, the portal RIPS open and it suicks in the pony world to the human world. Second, holes pop out randomly around and act like the portal, sucking in the pony world. Finally, a huge whirlpool-like portal opens at thet op and the entire pony world collides with Equestria. Twilights then have to try to stop the rest of the collision happening and save the dimensions before it's too late, and have to face many troubles including students turning into ponies and vise versa. 

Release Date

Like other EQG movies, I'm going to estimate it comes out in late-Spring to mid-Summer 2016. I'm going to guess in July of 2016, maybe the 3rd week or so. This time it may also be released in theatres as well, but we'll just wait and see. 

Other/Wrapping Things Up

So yeah, other things i'm guessing is that we're probably going to get more appearances of the new ponies that appearead in S5 in the movie, such as Starlight Glimmer, Colorature, Moon Dancer, Tree Hugger, Hoofields and Mccolts and others. I hope we get many Equestria ponies appearing there because we only had like 3-5 ponies appear in Friendship gaMES WE could recognize. So, that's wrapping my discussion up! Write what you want or think will happen below! Peace out!