As I am sure we all know, 2017 will contain three, episode-length Equestria Girls TV Specials. The details of which are largely unknown. We also do not know if there will be any more media after these specials. Here are a few of my predictions for what may happen in these specials and beyond:


I predict that one of these specials will involve the graduation of the human Mane 7 from Canterlot High. I have always assumed that one 26-episode season corresponded to roughly one year in Equestria. As the Second and third Film were set in or after the season 4 and season five finales respectively, I assumed that one season is not a year but a few months in the Human world. I always assumed that they were seniors in the first film during fall and the rest of the films chronicle their senior year. It is supported by the fact that Legend of Everfree did not contain any details that could be used to ascertain when it occurred in season 6 as each film seems to involve the Equestria less and less to expand the human world. This means that Legend of Everfree may have been set only a few days after Friendship Games. I believe that future Equestria Girls media will also not reveal points in the Friendship is Magic timeline. If the series does continue after these specials, I do not want them to remain teenagers forever, after all I hated High school and it would ruin this headcanon.

Other Future Plot Points

After graduation, future Equestria Girls media may involve summer break/ jobs and/or university.

Shadowbolts reappear

I was very disappointed at the limited individual characterization each of those five other Shadowbolts received in Friendship Games. Their limited screentime was one flaw I think many people had with the third film. They did have potential, and they were marketed heavily by Hasbro. I predict that they may reappear and get more characterization somewhere in the future of this franchise. I find it better writing to further develop old characters than creating new, perhaps unnecessary ones.

Fate of the Dazzlings

I find it more important for the series to continue developing old characters before introducing new ones. Therefore, since I loved the Dazzlings, especially Sonata and I think they still have creative potential as with the Shadowbolts, I would like them to reappear so we can at least know what happened to them after the end of Rainbow Rocks.

Human Sunset will not appear

I find it very unlikely that a human counterpart to Sunset Shimmer will appear in the future. This is because not all characters native to Equestria have human counterparts that have appeared in the Human World (examples: the Dazzlings, King Sombra) and not all characters native to the human world have counterparts in Equestria (examples: Principal Cinch, Gloriossa Daisy). Who is to say that that is not also the case for Sunset Shimmer? Besides, trying to introduce a human Sunset would probably be a rehash of the reformation of Sunset in Rainbow Rocks, Human Twilight in Legend of Everfree and the reformation of Starlight Glimmer in Season 6.

Love Interests Development

This is also attached to my wish that they would reuse old characters. For the first three movies, Flash Sentry was teased as a love interest for Twilight, however, he received limited screen time in the first film and progressively less in the subsequent films. However, now it seems that Flash is no longer interested in Twilight and now more so in getting back together with Sunset. I hope that future media will expand upon their relationship. Similarly, I want this new romantic relationship between Human Twilight and Timber Spruce to also be developed.

Sunset returning to Equestria- Unlikely

I do not find it likely that Sunset will return to Equestria at least not yet. Besides, there is already a reformed former villain in Starlight Glimmer in the main series. There is however, potential for an episode if they meet, whether in Equestria or the Human World, though I never really liked Starlight that much, except in The Cutie Map.

Equestria Girls TV series-Unknown

Anyone remember this? Well, given that that came out in 2014 and as of now, there is still no announcement on it, I feel that it is unlikely that there will ever be an Equestria Girls TV series. I also remember somewhere that the Equestria Girls series is ending soon, and if a TV series is developed and is set after the three specials, it would ruin my senior year and my one season, one year headcanons. If there is a TV series, I still do think that it would have potential, such as by developing old characters like the ones I have previously mentioned. But I would prefer if it were set before Friendship Games, filling in the time between the movies.

Thanks for reading.

What are your predictions?