Most overrated: Season 4

This season was certainly an improvement over the third season, and I began watching it still trying to get used to Twilight having wings. I guess I did rather quickly but many early episodes this season were mediocre and overrated, including Daring Don't. I found giving making Daring Do real a forced and awkward decision. Maybe it was the spoilers. Why don't her enemies just disclose her true identity? The season did improve later on, but still produced some awful episodes like Simple Ways and Filli Vanilli.

The funny thing is that many of my favourite episodes were ones MrEnter hated the most.

Most underrated: Season 6 (so far)

It is the only season so far that has no episodes with Wikipedia articles, but I feel that this season isn't getting enough love. I found this season to be fairly consistent beginning with "The Saddle Row Review". Many episodes get polarized reactions, such as Applejack's "Day" Off and 28 Pranks Later. However, I think too many people are not watching with an open mind. That's what people have been doing to new writers like Josh Haber. I found that he improved, and if a writer who wrote an episode I did not like returns with an new one, I see it as a chance for redemption. If you expect an episode to fail because of who worked on it, it probably will. I understand that people don't want this show to turn into another Spongebob or Fairly OddParents, but I do not yet foresee that happening.

Seasons ordered from best to worst:

Season 2

Season 5

Season 6

Season 1

Season 4

Season 3

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