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    My Take On Alicorns

    September 30, 2015 by BlackCat7688

    Hello and welcome. This is BlackCat7688 doing his very first blog post on Wikia. And our topic for this post is an...interesting one. It has recently come to my attention that Alicorn OC's tend to get a lot of hate. From what I've gathered, a big part of it is because of the whole Mary Sue thing, which I won't deny because some Alicorn OC's are Mary Sues. I know because one person on this wiki who outright stated that their Alicorn OC is a Mary Sue. But, let's be honest. That Mary Sue sort of thing can happen when creating any character. It all depends on how you create the character. Anyway, back to Alicorns. There's also the fact that some believe that Alicorns can't be born naturally, all Alicorns are either related to Celestia and Luna…

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