Hello and welcome. This is BlackCat7688 doing his very first blog post on Wikia. And our topic for this post is an...interesting one. It has recently come to my attention that Alicorn OC's tend to get a lot of hate. From what I've gathered, a big part of it is because of the whole Mary Sue thing, which I won't deny because some Alicorn OC's are Mary Sues. I know because one person on this wiki who outright stated that their Alicorn OC is a Mary Sue. But, let's be honest. That Mary Sue sort of thing can happen when creating any character. It all depends on how you create the character. Anyway, back to Alicorns. There's also the fact that some believe that Alicorns can't be born naturally, all Alicorns are either related to Celestia and Luna in some way or are pupils of theirs, and more. I think a lot of this...confusion, let's call it, has stemmed from the fact that Alicorns don't seem to be developed near as much as any of the other pony races. So, I've decided to see about doing my take on Alicorns. And no, not just Alicorn OC's. What are we waiting for? Let's get moving.

Does Being an Alicorn Automatically Mean Being Powerful?

I don't think it does. Yes, it's true that Alicorns can indeed be powerful, but is this power innate? Obviously not. Can a Unicorn automatically and fluently use magic from the moment it's born? Can a Pegasus automatically fly fluently from the moment it's born? Can an Earth Pony automatically do heavy lifting or whatever from the moment it's born? The answer to all three of these questions is no. The other three pony races get the power and skills they have from hard work, training, learning, and things like that. What makes Alicorns any different? Were Celestia and Luna always able to move the moon and the sun? Did Cadence always have those love powers she has? Again, obviously not.

Alicorn Immortality

We'll start with Celestia and Luna. It's been established that these two have lived for thousands of years. But, to me, that only means that they can't die of old age. And just because one can't die of old age doesn't mean they can't die of other causes. Are Celestia and Luna unable to be murdered? Are they unable to die of illness? Unless we're all missing something, the answer is clearly no.

Also, about the immunity to dying of old age. Do all Alicorns have that immunity? I, for one, would actually hope not because if all Alicorns do have that immunity, well... Let's just say Cadence and Twilight Sparkle are gonna be pretty lonely in the distant future.

Aside From Celestia and Luna, Can a Pony Be a Natural Born Alicorn?

I, for one, would like to believe that they can. Obviously, at least one of the parents would have to be an Alicorn themselves. Perhaps a foal concieved as a result of a Pegasus and a Unicorn mating could also be born an Alicorn. This would be an extremely rare occasion, though.

Okay, well this is all I have time for for now. I'll do more later.