This blog is dedicated to updates about my current fanfic. I will update this every so often with storyline, charaters, and pictures of the ponies I have made for it. Chapters 0-4 are done, with more on the way. I am quite busy, and only have nights to work on it so it will be slow going.


FaI follows the story of Shadow Blaze and Light Frost, two ponies with the power to change the seasons. The two are twins, and are retelling thier numerous adventures together, writing them down all the while, so they aren't lost to the sands of time.


Light Frost:

FANMADE Light Frost using magic sketch
Light Frost is one of two winged unicorns responsible for changing the seasons. She and her twin brother Shadow Blaze work in harmony to change the seasons from winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to fall and fall to winter. When using magic, Frost's mane and tail freeze solid, and a cyan glow forms around her eyes.

Body: White. Eyes: Very light cyan. Mane/Tail: Cyan. Cutie Mark: White snowflake with cyan outline.

Shadow Blaze:

Shadow Blaze is one
FANMADE Shadow Blaze using magic sketch
of two winged unicorns responsible for changing the seasons. He and his twin sister Light Frost work in harmony to change the seasons from winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to fall and fall to winter. When using magic, Blaze's mane and tail light aflame, and fire sourounds his horn. A orange glow also forms around his eyes.

Body: Black. Eyes: Fire orange. Mane/Tail: Orange fading to red. Cutie Mark: Black flame with orange outline.


FANMADE Loup sketch
A mysterious pony from the Everfree forest, Loup leads a pack of dire wolves.

Body :Grey. Eyes: Green. Mane/Tail: Black. Cutie Mark: Black wolfs head over a white moon.


FANMADE Nul sketch
Nul is a creature made of darkness, whos origins are unknown. Prefers to take the form of a earth pony, but can shape himself however he pleases.

Body: Black Mane/Tail: Black. Eyes: Glowing red. Cutie mark: Unknown.


An evil unicorn, and the villan of Fire in the Sky, Mirra tries to use the Elements of Harmony to gain absolute power. However, lack of understanding oh how the Elements work was her downfall. She had gathered the embodyments of the elements, but not the Elements themselves. She was last seen disapearing througha portal to an unknown location.

Body: Yellow. Mane/Tail: Crimson. Eyes: Rose. Cutie Mark: A mirror.


An ancient warrior, Nightmare donned a suit of armor, not a ware of the curse placed upon it. The armor slowly bent him to it's will, and possesed him. Celestia banashed him to a mountain prison, where he was released centuries later my Mirra. She the enslaved him, and used him as her instrument. He was last seen diapearing through a portal to an unkown location. Body: Purple. Mane/Tail: Dark Blue. Eyes: Glowing (colour varys) Cutie Mark: Unkown.


Meta has no memory of his past. He lost the ability to speak when he saved his friend Chatta from a chimera. The two of them now travel togeather to try and restore his memory.

Body: White. Mane/Tail: Blood red. Eyes: Gold. Cutie Mark: Unkown.


Meta's closest friend and his translator, Chatta has accompanied him everywhere he has gone. She owes him her life, after he saved her from a chimera.

Body: Violet. Mane/Tail: Blue and green. Eyes: Green. Cutie Mark: Speech bubble with scribbles in it.


Leader of the Elements of Chaos, a group of ponies who represent the opposits of the Elements of Harmony. Mana posses the Element of Chaos Magic, and opposes Twilight Sparkle and her Element of Magic. Body: Aqua. Mane/Tail: Blue. Eyes: Green. Cutie Mark: opposite coloured version of Twilight's.


Body: Dark Purple. mane/Tail: Black. Eyes: Purple. Cutie Mark: 3 herbs.

Rose Thorn:

Body: Red. Mane/Tail: Black, shot through with rose. Eyes: Rose. Cutie Mark: A thorn


Body: Yellow. Mane/Tail: Black. Eyes: Dark Blue. Cutie Mark: 3 tear drops.


Body: Dark green. Mane/Tail: Olive. Eyes: Black. Cutie Mark: A bell.


Chapter 0 is done. Characters descriptions for the protaginists are done, and the antagonists are in progress. Concept pictures for Shadow Blaze, Light Frost and Loup are done. My scanner won't scan, so the pictures may take a while to put online.


Chapter 0 - Fire and Ice

Chapet 1- Fire in the Sky part 1

Chapter 2 - Fire in the Sky part 2

Chapter 3 - Fire in the Sky part 3

Chapter 4 - Fire in the Sky part 4