This episode should be aired near the end of the series, to kick off the Giant Monster Invasion arc, which I doubt will happen. about this?

Title: Rise of the Evil Curtain

Japanese Title: The Sadistic Enemy?! Temperor's Plan (サディスティック敵!?テンペラーの計画)

Plot: Lately, there have been reports of ponies going missing. A monster known as Arigera appears in a forest and kidnaps unsuspecting ponies, then takes them back to his master, Alien Temperor. Once his cover is blown, Alien Temperor unleashes Arigera and 4 other monsters, Dorako, Femigon, Nosferu, and Bemstar. Can the Mane 6 stop him before he imprisons all of Ponyville?

And will Tsubraya and Hasbro make this? Only time will tell.