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  • I live in Canada and Equestria.
  • My occupation is The scholar.
  • BlueJay11

    Greetings my fellow brony and pegasisters,

    You haven't seen or heard from me in a while due to my inactivity and being occupied by more important things. Unfortunately, I bring bad news with me. I have decided to leave Wikia, possibly for good. I will be deleting my account in 24 hours. Lately, I have also been suffering from severe nightmares every night, sudden moments where I explode into rage, constant fainting and bad chest pains. I can't even see straight anymore and when I need to type stuff for school I make typos like heck. It really is painful for me and I am trying me best in school and all, but things just aren't turning out right. So I need a nice relaxing break from it all. Finally, I apologize for all those times where I may …

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  • BlueJay11

    So it begins.....

    August 2, 2013 by BlueJay11

    I know this has been done many times before... and if you are annoyed by the fact that this blog has been done before then I apologize. My summers been sort of boring because everyponyone I know is off elsewhere. Lately I have wondered what is the most liked ponies in the fandom and I know this has been done before, yes, but I decided to make on of my own. Below I will set up polls for different character groups (including The Mane 6, Villans, CMC, etc) for people to vote which ponies in these categories are the most liked in this large and great MLP community. After many users have voted we will see which characters can be called The Most liked Pony or Pony for President. Hope you enjoy my long blog. ;P

    1. No arguments over whats the best charac…

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