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  • I am an Alicorn princess (yes female)
  • Bluelighting

    Truth or Lie?

    July 22, 2014 by Bluelighting

    This game was first created by ThePonyLover867.

    So I noticed that there hasn't been a new game in awhile so I cam up with one. (Yes, it is a below user game. ) The game is basically pretty easy. The person below you says a truthful statement, or a lie. The next user says that it is either or "truth" or a "lie." (Or they can guess. ) If the person above you guesses wrong, you can always correct them by responding to there comment. Just don't use hard statements that no one but you could get correct. (I don't think anyone has made a game like this yet. )

    So an example would be like this:

    Person 1: Twilight Sparkle is an unicorn.

    Person 2: Lie, she is an alicorn. Princess Celestia raises the sun.

    Person 3: Truth (This just keeps going.)

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  • Bluelighting


    June 30, 2014 by Bluelighting

    Well I made it to a year. I've considered leaving many times, and I'm glad I stuck in there. I'd like to thank everyone here for being so kind, and such good friends. So I won't say anything to wordy, because I've been waiting forever to use this .gif.

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  • Bluelighting

    Well a little late with this I guess, but since these blogs are coming back I guess it's never too late. So ask me random questions.

    Have a random .gif

    I may not be inclined to answer all questions. Answers may vary, along with time of receiving these answers. If questions are too personal I will not answer them, I believe most know what a personal question is. Satisfaction is not guaranteed.

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  • Bluelighting

    What would you do?

    February 24, 2014 by Bluelighting

    I'm making another game!

    This is a game about "ifs" and "whats." You leave a comment that says perhaps, "What would you do if you saw a real live My Little Pony." The next person would then answer and ask another if/what question like this, "I would be really freaked out. What would you do if someone stole all your food?" The game would keep going like so.

    Random Person 1 whose name I am to lazy to come up with: "What would you do if you were attacked by angry herd of llamas.

    Random Person 2: "I would tame them and ride them to conquer the world! What would you do if I stole your dog?"

    Random person 3: "Nothing, I don't have a dog. What would you do ect....."

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  • Bluelighting

    The Fortune Game

    January 21, 2014 by Bluelighting

    I am not telling fortunes.

    A little thank you to everyone for participating in this blog!

    This is a game where we use the words unfortunately and fortunately to make a somewhat of a story. Since this is easier to explain through an example, that's what I will do.

    The problem is Twilight forgot to study for Princess Celestia's quiz. This is what you would write-

    Fortunately, Twilight had time to study on the way to class.

    Unfortunately, Twilight was study the wrong thing.

    Fortunately, Princess Celestia was sick.

    Unforunately, Princess Luna wasn't.

    Fortunately, Luna was busy raising the sun.

    You can keep going on with this and change the view to different characters.

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