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Christmas in Ponyville

Rarity silently odserved Sweetie Belle putting up decorations. Her snowflakes were crisp and cleanly cut. The shop would look wonderful this winter. "Sweetie time for lunch," Rarity would give Sweetie her present early. A week
Sweetie Belle Drawing S2E5
earilier Rarity had made her sister a wonderful new coat that sparkled like the snow. She hoped dearly that Sweetie would like it. "Coming Sis," Sweetie squecked. She ran into the room. "I have a surprise for you Sweetie," Rarity gave her sister the box. "Wow..." Sweetie was stunned. "I thought you might like it," Rarity said. "Since it is already Christmas break you can go and play in the snow, and stay warm," Rairty smiled. She was delighted Sweetie loved her gift. " Go and find your friends," Rairty said. " Thanks Sis," Sweetie ran out of the shop. Generosity was good.
Applejack timberwolves S3E9

Applebloom ran into the living room. "Applejack, Applejack! Granny Smith fell!" She yelled. "Calm down, sugarcube, where is she," asked Apllejack. "by the stairs," wailed Applebloom. Applejack ran to Granny Smiths side. "Are you ok," Granny Smith." Applejack had worry in her eyes. "I'm going to take you to the hospitatle, Granny." Applejack said, "ok." Granny Smith wasn't replying. "Get Big Mac, Applebloom," Applejack instructed.

Scootaloo jumped onto Rainbow Dash. "One more day," she sheirked. Rainbow Dash knew she was talking about
Rainbow Dash looking up S01E11
the Ringing of the Christmas Bells in Canterlot. The Bells let out a sweet sound strechting from Canterlot to Ponyville. The best place to hear it was in Canterlot though. "I know I know," said Rainbow Dash. Streching her legs she went to the mailbox. One letter was addressed to Rainbow Dash. She opened it. Hello Rainbow Dash, You are invited to the Wonder Bolts Christmas Party from 8:00 P.M to 1:00 A.M, We'll see you there. From the Wonderbolts. The Wondebolts Christmas party! She couldn't pass on that. But Scootaloo... Scootaloo could go to Canterlot with Twilight. Rainbow could pretend to be sick.... and but she promised. Scootaloo would have to wait though, this could be a once in a liftime chance. Loyalty grew darker.

Nurse Redheart called Applejack. "I'm sorry to inform you but Granny Smith has gone into a comma." she said.

Apple Bloom "worst night of my life" S01E12

"Wha.. What," Applejack stumbled. "The shock she took when she fell forced her into it," said Nurse Redheart. "Um a thank you." Applejack walked away. "How is she Applejack?" Applebloom asked. "She is in a comma Applebloom." Applejack said bluntly. "I'm goin to Twi's Christmas party." Applejack said. Applejack knew Twilight would be in Canterlot today, but she had to get away. "Wait...." Applebloom said. But it was to late Applejack was gone. Honesty grew dimmer.

"Mom, Dad what are you doing here." Rarity asked her parents. Sweetie was about to hit the roof it had been three months since she last saw her parents. "Well we were in town and we wanted to give you your Christmas present,"
Sweetie Belle 'um...' S01E18
said Raritys mom. "Oh oh let me see let me see," Sweetie Belle exploded. "In a sec honey, since we only could affroad one we decided you girls could figure it out." said Raritys dad. He then held up one front row ticket to the ringing of the Christmas Bells tommrow in Canterlot Square at 12:00 P.M. "Wow..." Sweetie said. "Well we've got to scram see you later." Then they left. "Let me see that Rarity," Sweetie said. "No, Sweetie it's mine," Rarity said. "But mom and dad said..." Sweetie replied. "I don't care what they say it will be past your bedtime anyways." Rarity said simply. Personally she had been waiting years for this. She had to go. "but," Sweetie said. "No!" Rarity spat back, "it's mine all mine." Generousity was no longer good.

"Are you feeling better,Rainbowdash," Scootaloo asked. "Ugh..." responded Rainbowdash. "Well I made you this,"
Scootaloo doesn't feel happy S3E06
Scootaloo said. The orange filly handed Rainbowdash a get well card. On it was her and Scootaloo listening to the Christmas Bells. "Twilight will take you," Rainbow said. "But I want to go with you," Scootaloo replied. "Your going with Twilight and thats final. I already checked in with her so head over when you're ready." Raindowdash said. "But we where going.... together." Then the young filly left. Rainbow looked at the card. Her heart broke she had promised Scootaloo she would take her for so long and Scootaloo had been so kind when she had gotton sick. What would she ever do?