This game was first created by ThePonyLover867.

So I noticed that there hasn't been a new game in awhile so I cam up with one. (Yes, it is a below user game. (trollface)) The game is basically pretty easy. The person below you says a truthful statement, or a lie. The next user says that it is either or "truth" or a "lie." (Or they can guess. (:P)) If the person above you guesses wrong, you can always correct them by responding to there comment. Just don't use hard statements that no one but you could get correct. (I don't think anyone has made a game like this yet. (hmm))


So an example would be like this:

Person 1: Twilight Sparkle is an unicorn.

Person 2: Lie, she is an alicorn. Princess Celestia raises the sun.

Person 3: Truth (This just keeps going.)


  • Don't use a statement that no one will understand.
  • Can be MLP related if you please, but can also not be related.
  • Don't be angry if someone guesses your statement wrong.
  • Don't double post. (Responding to your own comments.)
  • Don't use an opinion as a statement.
  • Have fun!