Please DO NOT copy this blog idea, it would make me very sad ;(

Update: I changed the range of the scores so if you want to retake this you may get a better answer.

So I made this blog to help people find out what villian they are :P So have fun! (you may need paper to record your answers.)

1.) The color that best descrides you is....

A.) A cool black

B.) A fiery pink

C.) A mellow blue


2. ) You go shopping the first thing you do is....

A.) Go to the store selling the latest fashion

B.) A magic store

C.) I don't like shopping

D.) Buy milk

3.) If you were a pony what type would you be....

A.) Any Kind

B.) Unicorn Duh

C.) Pegasus

D.) No pony at all

4.) Some one calls you a mean name you....

A.) Sceme against them

B.) Call them a name back

C.) Attack them

D.) shrug it off

5.) Your friends descride you as....

A.) calm and collected

B.) proud

C.) Sporty

D.) Mysterious

6.) You like...

A.) school

B.) Anything your good at

C.) Sports

D.) jokes

7.) You spend your days

A.) Reading

B.) Learning the latest in the world

C.) practicing something

D.) gaming

8.) You perfer people who are

A.) quit

B.) Like you of course

C.) athletic


9.) You like _____ food

A.) different

B.) Yummy

C.) healthy

D.) sweet

10.) Did you like this?

A.) Yes

B.) it was ok

C.) sure

D.) You may never know....

Now add up all your points A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4

10-18 you are a shape shifting changling! You are very good at things like art.

19-24 You are the GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE. You hold yourself very high.

25-34You are a griffen. You are very good at what ever you do.

35- and beyond You are the prankster Discord. You love funny things and jokes

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