I'm making another game! (:D)

This is a game about "ifs" and "whats." You leave a comment that says perhaps, "What would you do if you saw a real live My Little Pony." The next person would then answer and ask another if/what question like this, "I would be really freaked out. What would you do if someone stole all your food?" The game would keep going like so.


Random Person 1 whose name I am to lazy to come up with: "What would you do if you were attacked by angry herd of llamas.

Random Person 2: "I would tame them and ride them to conquer the world! What would you do if I stole your dog?"

Random person 3: "Nothing, I don't have a dog. What would you do ect....."


  • Make a new comment to reply with an answer.
  • This can be MLP related or not.
  • Don't reply to your own comments.
  • Be as crazy as you want but it appropriate.
  • If it is unclear on what you have to do, feel free to ask me in the comments!
  • Have fun!

Now, what would you do?