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    Twilight: Applejack! What do I do? Applejack: Let go. Twilight: Are you crazy?! Applejack: Now listen here. What I'm saying to you is the honest truth. Let go and you'll be safe.

    Twilight lets go

    Goofy yell


    Funeral music plays

    RIP Twilight Sparkle

    Ladies and gentlemen, bronies, pegasisters, and all kinds of people under the sun who have nothing better to do better with their lives than read a blog about a grown man giving a detailed analysis about a show about jellybean colored ponies that was originally aimed for little girls; welcome to Bluethunder25's Journey Through Equestria where yours truly does the aforementioned thing, covering every episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic from beginning to the unfortunate end.

    Being that th…

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    My name is Bluethunder25, but you already know that since you read my name on the blog post. Point is, I'm a Brony. Now I'm a late bloomer than the rest of you as I mentioned in a previous blog that I didn't start watching MLP: FiM until March of 2015. Still, with that being said, I have come to love the show and it has replaced Kim Possible as my all time favorite show. (still love ya, Kimmie)

    Now in addition to this, I am also a fan of Linkara's History of Power Rangers videos. For those of you who don't know, those are a series of videos where he gives in-depth analysis on each season of Power Rangers; covering character arcs, themes, etc, etc. I've also been watching Suede's Pokemon Journey videos where he covers every episode of the fi…

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    So in a previous blog, I talked about how I became a fan of the show. Now I will give my initial thoughts on the Mane Six.

    Applejack- Applejack is a fine enough character. She's down to earth, honest, and she's strong as hell. Though she's not my favorite character, I am fond of her enough. I like her laugh and she can be adorable at times such. I particularly like when she goes overboard on things like when she was being overprotective with Applebloom in "Somepony to Watch Over Me," or trying to hard to make the perfect family reunion in "Apple Family Reunion." Though honestly, most of her episode aren't anything to write home about; particularly, "Applejack's Day Off" and "Where the Apple Lies" are boring and predictable; although, I'd ha…

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    How I Became A Brony

    September 16, 2017 by Bluethunder25

    Hello, my name is Ira Dwight Sutton Jr. But most of you know me as bluethunder25. I've been a brony since 2015, but I've never really gone into detail as to how I became one in the first place. So allow to take this time to go from beginning to end as to how yours truly join the proud patreons of persnickety people who partake in pastel colored ponies....persay.

    Let's start back with my childhood. Now to say the least, like any other boy my age at the time, I was not too fond of anything related to My Little Pony. I had heard of it and the iconic, but I never owned any of the toys, nor did I see the G1 show when it was out, not even on reruns. My childhood was spent on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

    Then in my preteen and teen years, I nev…

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    OK, so here are my personal ideas for episodes for season 8. Most of these will probably be previous ideas that I had suggested for season 7 that probably won't be happening in the current season.

    1-2. Queen Chrysalis returns, seeking revenge on Starlight Glimmer.

    3. Babs Seed returns to Ponyville and Diamond Tiara tries to make friends with her.

    4. The CMCs help Snips with a cutie mark problem. Also, a bit of Snips/Babs shipping.

    5. Applejack goes to Appleloosa for a contest with Cherry Jubilee, but then gets caught up in a misadventure with her with Cherry's recipe get stolen.

    6. Pinkie Pie accompanies Daring Do on an adventure.

    7. A Sassy Touch- Rarity helps Sassy find inspiration for her own designs at the boutique by taking around Ponyville…

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