I've been a fan of MLP: FiM for over two years now and in that time, specifically during seasons 5 through 7, I've come to realize an interesting fact; there are episodes that I like that everyone else seems to hate. And conversely, there are episodes I hate that everybody else seems to like. For this blog, I'm going to list said episodes. For the ones I like, I'm going to list the qualities of the episode I like, point out the flaws, and talk about what other hate about it. Then, for the episodes I hate, I will point out what I hate and talk about what everybody else likes. So without further ado, let's get started.

Episodes I Hate, But Everyone Else Loves

1. Make New Friends, But Keep Discord

I've heard bronies up and down praise this episode like Jesus on Easter. They praise the episode for how hilarious it is with Discord's antics at the gala and for Fluttershy's boldness towards Discord near the end.

As for me, I just think it's annoying. Why? Well first off, this episode displays a problem I have with the IDW comics, their NON-CONTINUITY!!! When the CMC interact with Discord in this episodes, they are scared of him and Applebloom raspberries him when in the comics, the CMCs grew to like Discord! And speaking of non-continuity, or in this case, pushing the reset button, that's another thing this episode does. With the exception of Fluttershy, the rest of the Mane 6 treat Discord pretty much the same way they did prior to the end of Twilight's Kingdom. They act like he's a freakin virus that they don't want anything to do with! I found that annoying because at the end of said episode, after Discord helped them defeat Tirek, they were on much better terms, they SHARED A HUG!! But nope, in this episode, it's like none of that ever happened! And don't even get me started on Twilight who, as usual, cares more about satiating her own ego and kissing Celestia's rear end! Also, I don't think Fluttershy needed to shout at Discord. Discord just felt abandoned and like he said, he was relatively new to friendship, so the concept of multiple friends was now something he was familiar with.

2. Dungeons and Discords

Another Discord episode that I've heard people praising up the wazoo. People say the interaction between Discord, Spike, and Big Mac is fun to watch and it's a good slice of life episode.

I was ready to praise this episode as well. I was ready to regard it as one of the episodes of MLP, but instead, I wound up being disappointed. When I saw the clips for this episode, I was expected the whole episode to be about MLP characters adventuring through a Dungeons and Dragons world. Instead, it was just mostly Spike, Big Mac, and Discord playing a D&D game. Them going into the D&D world didn't happen until the third act. And the scenes with the three playing the game is just slow. So needless to say, I expected a lot from this episode, but was wasn't left with a lot.

3. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies

This episode is a little different because unlike the others, a lot of other people don't seem to like this episode either. However, the aspect of this episode that I hate that everybody else seems to like is the moral.

The moral of this episode is "Kindness Through Cruelty" in that sometimes, in order to be kind, we have to be cruel. Let me set the record straight, I agree with this moral, I do; I just don't like it. I've never been a fan of the 'kick in the pants method' and I don't care for seeing it displayed in an episode.

4. Luna Eclipsed

People call this a great Luna episode.

Admittedly, I don't dislike this episode as much as I used to, but seeing the ponies getting terrified of Luna can get really repetitive.

Episodes I Like, but Everyone Else Hates

1. Party Pooped

This is another one that's different, because it's not so much the episode itself. I haven't heard people say they hate this episode, but one thing they have said they hate are the Yaks. I have not heard one single positive thing said about the Yaks. People have stated they think the Yaks are jerks for the way they act in the episode, stating that they are being terrible guests and just unreasonable.

As far me, I freakin love the Yaks! I find they're over-the-top reactions to when things are not perfect to be hilarious and the prince carries most of the comedy with his dialogue.

'Hold you frown, face!'

Also, the prince stated right from the beginning that Yaks always get mad when things aren't perfect. They were honest about it. Also, blame, little miss purple princess for not having the good sense to know that.

2. Bridle Gossip

This could be classified as another. I've heard people give negative comments on this episode's message and how the characters react to Zecora.

Admittedly, I'm a sucker for the 'misunderstood scary figure' episodes. Plus, the effects of the Mane Six from the Poison Joke are fun to watch.

And those are some of the episodes I have so far. There may be more I didn't list, but if there are, I'll reserve that for another blog.