OK, so I realize that my comments on Twilight Sparkle have not been the most positive and quite frankly have been downright terrible. I want to take this opportunity to apologize for my hateful comments and to any Twilight fans I may have offended. So with that being said, I want to dedicate this blog to saying some positive things about Twilight.

Let's see.....well first, Twilight Sparkle does a very, very good job of kissing up to Princess Celestia. I mean I honestly can't think of anyone who kisses Celestia's flank more than Twilight Sparkle. I mean the way she just praises her up and down and flaunts her ego around her and the way she uses her students like Starlight to inflate her already huge ego and get further into Celestia's flank is just amazing.

Secondly, if you were to ask me which pony was the best at being extremely hypocritical, I would tell you without a shadow of a doubt that it's Twilight Sparkle. The way she goes around teaching her friendship lessons like not dwelling on the past, such as with Trixie, but then contradicting herself by trying to make Starlight NOT be friends with Trixie is just superb. Oh and let's not forget her making a fool out of Rainbow Dash in "The Mysterious Mare Do Well," talking about accepting things with humility, and then bragging about herself being the Princess of Friendship on more then one occasion. Yes sir, if there was an award for 'Best Hypocritical Pony," Twilight Sparkle would win hands down.

Third, for a princess of friendship, Twilight does an extraordinary job of being one. Like how she graciously kept treating Discord like a jerk, even when he didn't deserve it. Or when she studiously tried to create friendship problems just to write a letter to Celestia. Ooh, and my personal favorite one and the best example, when Twilight, out of the goodness of her heart, verbally chastised a fallen Sunset Shimmer who was lying broken and beaten in crater, publicly humiliating her in front of everyone. WOW!! If that doesn't spell 'Princess of Friendship," I don't know what does.

Fourth, Twilight is just so kind and courteous. Like in Rainbow Rocks, when she so very kindly took Sunset's spot in the movie and the band. Not to mention, she was nice enough to bring up what happened in the last movie. And let's not forget how incredibly kind she was to Discord when he was sick, even if he was just faking it. I mean getting mad at him, insulting him, not even willing to give a simple glass of water. Thumbs up to you, Miss Sparkle.

So in conclusion, I've realized that I have truly wrong in my opinion of Twilight Sparkle/ I don't know what I was thinking saying all the things I've said. Twiligt Sparkle is truly to the most genuine, loyal, caring, and thoughtful princess in all of Equestria. Celestia bless you, Twilight Sparkle. CELESTIA BLESS YOU!!!