1. 1/2: Return of the Queen- Queen Crysalis kidnaps Flurry Heart and Sunburst in order to get revenge on Starlight Glimmer.
  1. 3: Diamond Seed- Babs Seed returns to Ponyville and Diamond Tiara tries to be friends with her.
  1. 4: It's Pinkie Pie, Don't Question It- Starlight tries to figure out Pinkie's way of thinking by using a spell to travel inside her subconscious.
  1. 5: The Good, the Bad, and the Pony- Applejack and Braeburn head to Appleloosa to compete in a dessert competition with Cherry Jubilee, but when Cherry's recipe goes missing, she suspects an old rival of hers is guilty.
  1. 6: Pony Idol- The citizens of Ponyville compete in a singing competition.
  1. 7: A Poached Flutter- Fluttershy tries to stop a group of pony poachers from selling her animals and Ponyville's.
  1. 8: A Sassy Touch- Rarity tries to help Sassy find inspiration when she discovers Sassy wants to make her own designs for Canterlot Carousel.
  1. 9: I Had It All- Svengallop, Gladmane, Wind Rider, and Lightning Dust meet up in a bar and lament on their past failures and ruined lives.
  1. 10: Two for the Show- Starlight accompanies Trixie for a magic show in Saddle Arabia when the two find themselves in a plot by a wicked pony to steal a magical treasure and take the throne.
  1. 11: Baltimare, Here I Come- The map summons Applejack and Rainbow Dash to Baltimare to help a struggling coach with his hoofball team.
  • 12: Night of the Living Ponies- Pinkie Pie accompanies Daring Do on an adventure to stop Aoizotle and Cavalaron from finding the pieces to a idol that will resurrect an undead army.
  1. 13: Yakity Yakistan- The map summons Fluttershy and Rarity to Yak Yakistan to help the yaks prepare the 100th anniversary of the founding of Yak Yakistan.
  1. 14: Diamonds Are Not Forever- When Diamond Tiara brags about being rich, the Crusaders tell her that money isn't everything. Diamond Tiara decides to move in with Applebloom to see what it's like to not be rich.
  1. 15: The Fast and the Flurryous- The map summons Twilight and Pinkie Pie to the Crystal Empire to watch over Flurry Heart while Cadence and Shining Armor head off to a friendship summon in Saddle Arabia.
  1. 16: Push It to the Sky Limit- Rainbow Dash trains extra hard to improve her flying for an upcoming Wonderbolts show, but she may be pushing herself too hard.
  1. 17: Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow- Pinkie enlists Discord's help to plan Pound and Pumpkin's birthday party, but is Discord in fact a better party planner than Pinkie?
  1. 18: Slice of Life 2- The background ponies go shopping at a new mall in Las Pegasus.
  1. 19: A Real Dragon- After a small disagreement, a war is declared between the Griffons and the Dragons.
  1. 20: The Pupil's Apprentice- Starlight develops a friendship with Silver Spoon and learns what it means to have an apprentice.
  1. 21: Apple Q- When Granny Smith injures her leg, Applejack finds herself jumping through hoops to pay for her operation.
  1. 22: I Know What You Did Last Nightmare Night- The Mane Seven and Discord tell scary stories parodied from classic to modern horror movies.
  1. 23: A Day Out in the Sun- Princess Celestia decides to take a day off and recollects her days before becoming princess.
  1. 24: In Ponyville They Say...- Rainbow Dash tries to do something nice for Lightning Dust and her family on Hearth's Warming Eve.
  1. 25/26: An Unhoofly Alliance- Crysalis releases Tirek from Tartarus and forms an alliance with him to take over to the Crystal Empire and get revenge on Starlight Glimmer. Crysalis reforms at the end.