OK, so here are my personal ideas for episodes for season 8. Most of these will probably be previous ideas that I had suggested for season 7 that probably won't be happening in the current season.

1-2. Queen Chrysalis returns, seeking revenge on Starlight Glimmer.

3. Babs Seed returns to Ponyville and Diamond Tiara tries to make friends with her.

4. The CMCs help Snips with a cutie mark problem. Also, a bit of Snips/Babs shipping.

5. Applejack goes to Appleloosa for a contest with Cherry Jubilee, but then gets caught up in a misadventure with her with Cherry's recipe get stolen.

6. Pinkie Pie accompanies Daring Do on an adventure.

7. A Sassy Touch- Rarity helps Sassy find inspiration for her own designs at the boutique by taking around Ponyville.

8. Princess Ember puts Garble through a series of tests to prove himself to the dragons.

9. Starlight and Trixie do a magic show in Saddle Arabia and inadvertently get involved in a jewel smuggling operation.

10. Slice of Life 2- An episode featuring the background ponies shopping in a new store in Las Pegasus.

11. Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow- Pinkie asks for Discord's help in planning Pound and Pumpkin's birthday party.

12. Wind Rider, Lightning Dust, Gladmane, and Sven Gallop gather together and lament about their misfortunes in a session led by Treehugger.

13. The Mane Six compete in a pro wrestling tournament.

14. Maud Pie visits Starlight's village and develops a crush on Double Diamond.

15. Starlight learns the importance of being a teacher when she takes on Silver Spoon as her first student.

16. Rainbow Dash enlists Wrangler's help in capturing a legendary creature from the Everfree Forest that is said to only come out during Nightmare Night.

17. Rarity discovers she has a hidden talent for Hoofball.

18. Pinkie's family comes to Ponyville to visit for Hearth's Warming Eve.

19. Discord and Flutteryshy go on their first date together and Trixie may actually be jealous.

20. Rainbow Dash and Gilda do everything they can to quell the fighting between the Griffons and Dragons.

21. Diamond Tiara runs away from home and chooses to live with the apples. A friendship develops between Diamond and Applejack which makes Applebloom jealous.

22. Flurry Heart starts her first day at school.

23. Celestia, Luna, and Cadence decide to have a girls night out.

24. Prince Blueblood tries to become a member of the royal guard.

25-26. Queen Chrysalis teams up with Tirek. Crysalis reforms at the end.