One of my many complaints to Twilight's verbal chastising of Sunset is that Sunset should've just been made a hero from the very beginning. Sunset has become one of the best characters in the MLP franchise and beloved by the fandom, which is why every time I think about what Twilight did to her at the end of EG1, I get pissed off and I sometimes think, 'they should've just made Sunset a hero in the first place.' If they had, then Sunset would not have gotten chewed out by Twilight.

For example, what if the events of Rainbow Rocks were the first movie instead of the second. Picture this, the movie starts off with the sirens in the café, just like the second movie, talking about their past, but then they find out about Twilight's magic crown. They go through the portal, they steal the crown, take it back with them and Twilight goes after them.

We then go to Sunset Shimmer who is the new girl in school and just the second movie, she's trying to fit in and find her place, but can't seem to do it. but like the second movie, she has friends in Pinkie, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy. Sunset has volunteered to show four new students around Canterlot High. Three of them are the sirens and one of them is Twilight.

Sunset first shows the sirens around, growing suspicious of their intentions, then she shows around Twilight. The two of them hit it off, then Sunset introduces her to her friends. Twilight tells them about the sirens and the crown and they try to figure out a way to get it back from them.

And pretty much all the other events from Rainbow Rocks happen from here on out.

And that's generally my idea of how Sunset's story should've been. I'm hapy that sunset is reformed and redeemed, but every time I think about what it took to get here, it makes me angry; not at Sunset, but at Twilight, and maybe the writers as well. That being said, if Sunset was a hero in the beginning, then that stupid scene would've never happened and this blog would never have existed.