OK, I had previously done a blog on here venting my rage at Twilight Sparkle verbally chastising Sunset Shimmer at the end of EG1. In that blog, there was a lot of shouting and cursing and because of that, my blog was deleted. so in response to that, I am rewriting my blog in a more mature way, stating in detail why I have come to hate Twilight Sparkle and hopefully this blog won't end up being deleted. So with that being said, here's why I hate what Twilight Sparkle did in EG1.

First, Sunset Shimmer was already beaten. She had been overpowered and outmatched and as a result, she ended up laying broken, beaten, humbled and humiliated in the center of a crater. Now Twilight could've simply just helped her out of the crater and left it at that, but no, instead she decides to pour salt on the wound and shove Sunset's defeat in her face.

Second, Sunset did not know she would turn into a demon. When Sunset put on the crown, the magic overwhelmed her and she was seen crying, obviously in pain. Sunset was not ready for that kind of power, but she didn't know that, nor did she know she would turn into a demon. As Sunset said herself, she wasn't a monster; she was mean and selfish, but not a monster. But when she turned into a demon, she did become a monster. She obviously did not know she would become that, but still, Twilight has to cast judgment on her. I know she attempted to kill her, but that was only after she turned into a demon. And what really irritates me about this is that people who have seen the movie clearly saw Sunset crying during her transformation, but still condemn her for doing so.

Third, Twilight is not the kind of character who would say what she said. As I stated in my previous version of this blog, I grew to like Twilight because of her character. And in that time, she never came across to me as someone who shove a defeat in someone's face. Well, this movie sure proved me wrong.

Fourth, it seemed too obvious that Sunset was destined to fail. Twilight got everyone in the school behind her, Twilight won the crown, Twilight and the others defeated her, Twilight became the better student, and the end, Sunset is left a shell of her former self in the middle of a crater getting chewed out by the very person who defeated her with the entire school watching.

Fifth, I understand Sunset's motivation. Sunset felt like Celestia was denying her what she felt was rightfully hers. It can bite to have all the talent in the world and be denied what you feel you deserve. And the fact that all of Twilight's friends were talking about how great she was right in front of her didn't help either.

And finally, Celestia's regrets about her past with Sunset. Celestia cleary showed that she had regrets about some of the decisions she made when Sunset was her student. If Celestia was in the same spot as Twilight at the end of the movie, I guarantee you she wouldn't have chastised Sunset the way Twilight did. And while we're at it, Sunset proved how better she was than Twilight with Sci-Twi when she helped her without verbally chewing her out. Maybe Twilight should follow their examples.

So, there you have it, a more mature version of why I hate Twilight. I know I'm mostly a man on an island when it comes to this, but I truly believe in my heart of hearts that Twilight was out of line and will continue to feel this way until the day I die and beyond. The only way my opinion of Twilight will change is if she gives a sincere apology to Sunset Shimmer, but until then, my current opinion of Twilight Sparkle still stands.