Hi guys, I thought I'd bring to your attention a couple templates I've made for displaying collections. So far, I have one for Enterplay's trading cards and one for the IDW comics. These might look very complicated, but I assure you that on your end, they are quite easy to update. I don't know if anyone would want to use these, but I figured I'd share them just in case. If people do end up using them, I can move them properly into the Template namespace.

First up, the trading cards. The template is located HERE. You can see what it looks like here (you may need to click the URL bar and press Enter again after it loads, as the page is very large). This displays every card in series 1 and series 2, with the number of each you own and the total number owned in each series. Further instructions are on the template page.

Next is the comics. The template is HERE. This one is a bit harder to work with, but I think the output is pretty. You can see this in use here (same warning about the large page). Currently I have the skeleton code filled out through the issues that are currently released, and I'll update new ones when I can, though I'll need to get to updating the comics pages to make sure the list is complete. However, you can also change it yourself pretty easily, as long as I keep the template's code updated.

That's it for now. Let me know if I can help with anything, and I hope someone may enjoy this. TTFN!